Competence 1.3 Note for teacher:

In this lesson the students should understand importance of acquisition of learning, reading, writing and interaction skills. They should be able to appreciate the importance of manual skills in producing and supplying goods and services required by the community. They should

be exposed to meaningful use of working tools and vocational skills, in the process of production . Some preliminary appreciation of accounting skills may also be given.

We go to school.

At school we learn to read.

At school we learn to write.

At school we learn numbers.

At school we learn to speak.

It is good to learn .

Mother and father are happy when we learn.

In the evening I help my parents.

I water the plants in the house.

I clean my own room.

I work with my own hands.

It feels good to work.

The baker works by baking bread.

The tailor works by making clothes.

They feel good to work.

Knowing how to do good work is a SKILL.

You use pencil to write.

You use eraser (Rubber) to erase.

You use crayons to color your drawing.

You use scale to draw lines.

You use sharpener to sharpen the pencil.

These are tools you use in school.

In same way Tailor, Farmer, Carpenter, Cook and Mechanic use some tools to work.

Can you find out the tools?

1. Use me to hit a nail

I also made your chair

Be strong as I am heavy

And use me with all care

Can you guess my name ?

2. Use me to cut a paper.

I work always in pair.

The tailor cuts his cloth .

So you have clothes to wear.

Can you guess my name ?

3. Use me to tighten screws,

In cycle or elsewhere,

Mechanic needs some skill

To use me in repair.

Can you guess my name ?

4. I till the farmer’s land.

Bullocks I will follow,

The soil is good for seeds,

If I dig a furrow.

Can you guess my name ?.

5. I help to add sugar

So your milk is sweet.

Cook uses me to measure

Spices he may need.

Can you guess my name ?.

(Scissors, Hammer, Plough, Spoon, Screw Driver)

LESSON 3 : EX.1 Tools you use

Match the Following ‘Who uses what tools’ to make or produce things for Needs and Wants :

(The aim is to make the students aware of TOOLS used in enterprises to produce the things that fulfill NEEDS and WANTS. )

1. Hammer 1. Tailor

2. Scissors 2. Carpenter

3. Screwdriver 3. Mechanic

4. Plough 4. Cook

5. Spoon 5. Farmer


Sub-Topic 3.1 : Types of Skills.

Baker, Tailor, Carpenter and other makers of GOODS and SERVICES need many kinds of SKILLS to do their work.

BAKER must have BAKING skills.

CARPENTER must have CARPENTRY skills.

TAILOR must have TAILORING skills.

PAINTER must have PAINTING skills.

DRIVER must have DRIVING skills.

BARBER must have HAIR-CUTTING skills.

COOK must have COOKING skills.

SHOP-KEEPER must have SELLING skills.

There are special schools to teach different SKILLS.

You must have the right skills.

Then you can produce good things.

LESSON 3 : EX. 2 Who needs what skills.?

Match the Following ‘Who needs what skills ’.



You sell Goods and Services to earn money.

You must count your money to know how much it is.

Money is counted in Rupees.

Sometimes Rupees is written as Rs.

Shamu the baker sells these things .

Can you help him to count how much money he got?

(The teacher may like to take more such sums of differing complexity depending upon the level of skill the children have with numbers).

Biscuit Rs. 10

Chocolate Rs. 10

Cream-roll Rs. 10

Total Money Shamu has got is Rs. ____________