Natural Resources: All the materials that we obtain from nature are called natural resources. Plants, animals and things like soil,

rock, water and air are Natural Resources.

Human Resources: Men, women and children are Human Resources.

Capital Resources: Things like Machines that combine natural & human resources to make other things are called Capital Resources.

Region: An area of resources is called a Region.

Use of Human Resources:

You have observed a number of people in your City / Village doing various jobs. Some of them are Farmers, Teachers,

Doctors, ect. Farmers cultivate land and give us food, Teachers teach the students. Doctor give medicine. Similarly people who provide us various products and services are called entrepreneurs or people who produce and sell these product and services.

Use of Capital Resources:

A potter makes a pot from clay with the help of a potter’s wheel. Here the potter’s wheel is a capital resource. A tailor stitches cloth into a shirt or skirt using a sewing machine. Here sewing machine is a capital resource.

Q. Answer the following questions?

1. What are Natural Resources ?

2. What are Human Resources ?

3. What are Capital Resources ?

4. Define what is a Region ?

Q. Identify the types of resources in the list below:

1. Petrol

2. Farmer

3. Potter's Wheel

4. Sewing Machine

5. Wood

6. Air


Last Chapter we have learnt about Resources. In this lesson we are going to learn about how to explore the resources.

1. Students are going to complete a resources hunt to find various resources and the states where these resources are found.

Students should answer these question. Students should then use the first letter of each answer and find the mystery word.

What is this word ? Write it in the blanks provided below.

a. Name of the State starting with U where embroidery work sarees are manufactured.

b. Name of the state that starts with B where large coal mines are found.

c. Which ore starting with I is found in Orissa.

d. Which gas starting with N is found in the Arabian sea near Mumbai.

e. Which power beginning with E is produced at Bhakra Nangal in Himachal Pradesh.

f. Name of the product starting with S, which is largely produced in Maharashtra.

g. Some thing you use in your food, starting with S found in Gujarat.

h. A thing starting with S from which beautiful sarees are made and whcih is found in Madurai in Tamil Nadu.

What is the 8 letter mystery word ? It begins with B and ends with S.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


By now you are aware of Resources, Types of Resources, Exploring Resources, Products etc.

Now we will learn some new words given below.

Economy: An economy is a system of using & taking care of Resources.

Goods: Goods are something that can be seen or touched. For example Toys, Cake, Computer, etc.

Service: A Services are work done to help others. For example Transport service, Courier service etc.

Q. In our day-to-day life we are using many goods and services. Decide on a goods or service of your choice. Write below all types of resources that may have been combined to produce this goods or service.

The Goods or Service of your choice are:





Natural Resources + Human Resources + Capital Resources