Lesson 3: MY HOTEL


Exercise 1.

Students, imagine that you are going to start your own hotel. In your hotel you are going to decide: What type of meal you

will give to your customer ? What is the place of the your hotel ? What type of food item you will serve in your hotel? etc.

Below are given some choices and options to help you to start your own hotel.

Q.1: The Place of my hotel will be:

A. In Market place

B. On busy cross-road

C. Near Bus stand

Q.2: The time of day my hotel will be open for meals will be?

A. Morning for breakfast

B. Only afternoon Lunch

C. Only evening snacks

D. Lunch and Dinner

Q.3: I will serve following food items in my hotel

A. Punjabi

B. South Indian

C. Mughlai

D. All Types

Q.4: The workers I will needed are ?

A. Manager

B. Cook

C. Waiter

Q.5. The name of my hotel will be ?