L.24 - Layout of My Enterprise

Inspiration to progress, Do work with excellence, Work is way to reach lofty goals Is the 'Achievers' confidence.

UDYAM SHASTRA- Chapter 04,Verse 3

Key Objectives:

Reading this module and doing the student activities will enable the students to:

    • Prepare a layout diagram.

Enterprise Concepts:

Layout.: Layout of an enterprise is the systematic plan of how to physically arrange the office, machinery, work stages, utilities etc. for efficient working.

Layout diagram.: This is a drawing, made on paper, of the physical Layout.It shows a smaller size of the work-area that can be seen at a glance. The location of office, machinery etc. is indicated in the diagram by symbols.

Enterprise Skills:

The student 'Activities' in each lesson are designed to clarify the ENTERPRISE CONCEPTS of the lesson and develop some ENTERPRISE SKILLS (E.SKILLS). The E.SKILLS included in a lesson may not be exhaustive, but are indicative.

E.SKILLS stated in a lesson elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a particular lesson.

Some useful E.SKILLS are dealt with below:

Vision.: The ability to see the end results of one's goals while working to achieve them.

Locate visually.: An entrepreneur has to prepare a layout of her enterprise in such a way that the items stored in the premises can be easily located visually & accessed whenever required.



Instruction To Students

  • Students should read the case study below.

  • Then answer the questions in the Worksheet.

  • After completing the activity, each group should present and share its main discussion points with the rest of the class.

Case Study:

Abhijeet has recently bought an empty shop. He has decided to put his TV repair shop in it.

"I need a table for myself, a table for my accountant. Then I need to have one reception table where customers will first bring their TV for repair. I will do a first check of the TV here and note the complaint in a 'Job-Sheet'. Then I will pass the TV on to a Repair stage. I think I will need two repair stages and of course I will store all spare parts in a storage rack." Abhijeet then drew a to-scale

Layout Diagram of his TV repair shop.

Work Sheet

Q.1. IF CD-the length of the shop in the diagram is 15cm, what is actual length of shop?


Q.2. Use scale to determine actual size of length-PQ of Reception table. What is the length?


Q.3 Use scale to determine actual size of Repair Stage 2 by measuring RS and ST. What is the size?


Q.4. Where all are 5 Ampere electrical sockets provided and why?


Q.5. Who needs the telephone? Why?



Instruction To Students

  • Students should imagine that they have to prepare "Layout-Diagram" for an enterprise of their choice.

  • Decide on the furniture and electrical fittings you need. What is their overall dimension of length x breadth.

  • Decide on space you need for people to operate.

  • Decide on machines and utilities you will need to put in with their overall dimension.

  • Using the graph paper given, prepare a ?Layout diagram? for your enterprise.

  • After completing the activity, each group should present and share its main discussion points with the rest of the class.