Our nation is exemplary,

For 'Unity in Diversity'.

Language , cultures are many,

Adjudge these for Ada and publicity.

Udyam Shastra - Chapter 9 Verse 3.

Key Objectives:

This activity aims to develop the ability to use various methods of advertisement.

  1. Verbal communications.

  2. Poster Design.

  3. Use of display boards.

  4. Mouth Publicity.

  5. Public Speaking.

  6. Creative Writing.

  7. Leadership.

  8. Teamspirit.


  • Advertisement

    • Informing and persuading buyers to purchase a product or service.

  • Business Communication

    • Informations about any business passed from one person to another or one to many are called business communications.

  • Publicity Design

    • The plan which uses various methods & tools to make people aware about a product or services.

  • Means of Communication

    • The media like printing,radio, T.V., post, e-mail, website, phones, fax, films which are used to convey information between one to one or one to many persons are means of communications.

Skills: The students activity is designed to clarify the CONCEPTS of the module and develop some "ENTERPRISE SKILLS" (E. Skills). The E.Skills included in a module may not be exhaustive but are only indicative. E.Skills stated in modules elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a module.:

  • Advertisement

    • The ability to use various methods and tools to inform maximum people about your business.

  • Communication - Verbal

    • using words, languages spoken or written to convey information people.

  • Communication - Non-Verbal

    • Informations to people without using words or languages lie drawing, dancing, music scruptures, symbols, actions etc.

  • Mass Communication

    • The art of conveying informations to a large number of people using various media like radio, T.V. , films, newspaper, magazines,

  • Publicity - Planning

    • The action plan which uses various methods , men and media to convey information regarding business to as many people as possible..

  • Job Profiling

    • The description of a job stating clearly the type of work to be done, expected qualities and skills to do the job and general terms and conditions.


ACTIVITY 1- My Class Monitor

This activity should be conducted in an atmosphere giving total freedom of expression. Students displaying out of box. Thinking and going closest to real life elections must be encouraged. References to the hoarding (local) or seasonal hand bill or TV advertisement may be used to give idea of what is expected.


  • Form groups with the help of teachers.

  • Select any one person from your group for election of class monitor.

  • Appoint one person as his election campaign manager.

  • With the help of the group prepare following things.

  • Wall posters, pamphlets or handbills, slogan and a song.

  • Prepare a speech.

  • The campaign managers will be invited to present the slogan and song one by one.

  • Other members are invited to present the wall posters and handbills.

  • The election candidates will deliver their speeches for class election.

MATERIALS SUPPLIED: Sketch pen set, card paper, sheets of blank paper, pencils.

ACTIVITY 2- Finding the Right Man.

The activity may be taken in two parts. First session may be used to explain the idea and assiging tasks to each group and discuss. In the second session after a week let them discuss and design the advertisement. They must be encouraged to see the notice board of their own society or nearly society. Also motivate them to see the job vacancies in news paper.


  • Form groups as suggested by the teacher.

  • Choose any one of the following task for your group.

  • Tell your choice of task for your group.

  • Tell your choice of task to teacher to avoid repetation.

  • Advertisement on the society notice board for a Gardner, Cleaning Agent, Vegetable supplier, Electrician, Plumber, Security Officer.

  • Advertisement should be smartly worded. It should have the following information.

What is the work ?

How many people required ?

What is the expected qualification or skill training required ?

What would be the work time ?

How much do you offer to pay ?