Statement of Competencies - 3rd & 4th std.

Statement of competencies

1.1 Children should be informed and made aware about the contributions made by various businesses and enterprises in their village/town/city and also understand the role of various types and levels of tasks and jobs in starting and running the economic exchange activities in their village/town/city. They should develop the Enterprise skill of using a scale.

1.2 They should be able to appreciate that village/town/city is a place to live, learn, and also to work and earn. Thus village/town/city needs to be properly planned so that people can live and work together.

1.3 Children should get a introductory understanding of money and role of Banks. They should be able to perform some simple bank transactions.

1.4 Adequate exposure and experience through visits , activities and demonstrations should be arranged for children so that they are able to distinguish between natural, human and capital resources, which can be used to produce required goods and services. They should also be made to explore the resources found within different locations/regions of the country and how these resources are being or can be utilised for making products and services required but not readily available.

1.5 Sufficient levels of skills should be demonstrated and developed in the children. This will enable them to sustainably utilise the various natural, human and capital resources as well as creatively reallocate these where required.