Lesson 7 - CONSUMER

Competence 1.7 Note for teacher:

In this lesson the students should be aware about the roles of both entrepreneur (business man) and also the consumers or customers in business .They should also appreciate importance of economic use of money.

You buy goods and services to use them.

When you use something you consume it.

A consumer is one who consumes something.

A customer is a person who pays for things he buys.

A customer may use the thing himself or give it to some one else to use.

Your parents buy you school dress.

Your parents are customers of the dress.

You are the consumer of the dress.

One who makes the goods and services is the maker.

The maker is also called a business man.

There are many businesses in a village or town.

Why are there so many businesses?

Because people have many needs and wants.

Many businesses are needed to make these .


(Children play the role of consumers in this activity).

Identify the goods and services you use in your daily life .

1. List five goods that your mother buys for the family.

2. List three goods you cannot live without .

3. List goods or services bought for you in the last month by your parents. For example your pencil, eraser, shoes, socks etc.

4. Do you need money to buy things from the market ?

5. Your mother gives you Rupees 20 . List 3 items you will buy with the money.