'Service Enterprise' is a milestone first,

Based on local likely resource,

Skill, ability and experience,

Are the factors to progress.

Udyam Shastra - Chapter 6 Verse 2.

Key Objectives:

This module helps the child to develop the concepts of products and services.

  • The child observes each thing used by him as a product or good.

  • Thinks of every object as a product which could be manufactured traded and used by the consumer.

  • Thinks of services and learns to distinguish between paid and unpaid services.

  • Develop the concept of service as an industry or portable source of income or vocation.


  • Products

    • An object or idea that could be of any use to a person and can be purchased by him.

  • Service

    • A help given by one person to another may be an example in return of money.

  • Vocation

    • The work which provides a person his livelihood, enables him to meet the requirements.

  • Income

    • Money earned by a person for himself in return of a product sold by him or service provided by him/ her.

Skills: The student's activity is designed to clarify the CONCEPTS of the module and develop some "ENTERPRISE SKILLS" (E. Skills). The E.Skills included in a module may not be exhaustive but are only indicative. E.Skills stated in modules elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a module.:

  • Identify

    • The product and opportunity of providing services.

  • Innovation

    • The development of various alternatives of product or service.

  • Imagination & Observation

    • Develop the ability to visualise a person and his needs.


ACTIVITY 1- Abhay's Day Out

Let the students read the story written in the worksheet and discuss. Invite them to share their ideas to the class one by one. Make sure that different students take turns and that maximum take part.


Abhay is a smart boy studying in Std. V. Today he has half day at school. He has decided to go to a park in the evening with his friends. He was very happy when he got up in the morning. He wished his mummy and papa Good morning and brushed teeth and took bath. He took extra care in dressing up as it was his turn to read news in the school assembly. He reached to school by the school bus when the bell rang. In the assembly he read the news after the prayers. All students and teachers praised Abhay’s news. He wrote the news well and also spoke very well. The rest of the day at school was good. He learnt about ‘Shivaji Maharaj’ and ‘Crops of India’ and also ‘Germination of seeds’. He went home with classmates. After lunch he read newspaper, did his homework and slept for a while. At four in the evening he met ‘Vinay’ and ‘Sahas’ near the big banyan tree near his house and walked to the public park. They all played cricket. Abhay is a good bowler where as Vinay is good at batting and Sahas is an allrounder. They made new friends at the park. On their way home Abhay bought some fruits as per his mother’s instruction. After dinner his day ended with the news on television and discussion about them with mummy and papa. He was very happy but tired and slept waiting for a beautiful dream.


  • Divide the class in groups of five or six.

  • Give the activity sheet to students.

  • Let them discuss the questions and write answers.

  • Invite one member from each group to read answers one by one

  • Allow the students to write their own sheets and file them.


1.Make a list of the things Abhay may have used at home. ______________________________________________________________________________

2.Make a list of the things Abhay may have used at school.______________________________________________________________________________

3.Make a list of the things Abhay may have used at the park.______________________________________________________________________________

4.Make a list of people who may have helped Abhay at home.______________________________________________________________________________

5.Make a list of people at the school who may have helped Abhay.______________________________________________________________________________

6.Make a list of people who may have cooperated with Abhay.______________________________________________________________________________

7.Underline the people who may have been paid to offer their help to Abhay.

8.Highlight the people who offered their help to Abhay for no Payment.

9.Make a Thank You Card by Abhay to these people who helped without payment.


Let the students read their worksheets in Activity 01 again. Based on the answers on Activity 01 motivate the students to discuss and answers to sheets for Activity 02.


  • Read the story “Abhay’s Day Out” again.

  • Read the questions you have answered for Abhay’s Day Out.

  • Compare Abhay’s Day Out with your Day Out and answer the questions.

  • This is an individual activity and all should answer separately.


1.How many things used by Abhay are also used by you at home ? Write the brand names of these products.________________________________

2.Write brand names of things used by you at school.______________________________________________________________________________

3.Ask the names of the watchman, gardener in your society and write here._____________________________________________________________

4.Write names of household servants, milk supplier, laundry-man, vegatable supplier who provide service to you._______________________________

5.Do your teachers provide any service to you? Name five other people at school whose services are taken by you._______________________________