Competence 1.2: Note for teacher:

In this lesson, the children should be able to develop some basic understanding of “GOODS” and “SERVICES” and appreciate the role of different persons in the community as helpers, providers, makers, producers, in short entrepreneurs, who give different goods and services to us.

The children should also be able to develop some understanding of the role of workers who work with the makers.

GOODS are things we can see, touch or feel.

Pencil, rubber,book,table,chair are all GOODS.

SERVICE is work done by people for us.

People sell GOODS and SERVICES and earn money.

Book-seller sells books .

Carpenter sells table and chair.

Rickshaw driver drives us to school.

He is giving service of taking us to school.

Your parents pay him for this service.

Teacher teaches us lessons.

She is giving service of teaching.

Your parents pay fees for this service.

Doctor gives us medicine.

Medicine makes us healthy.

Doctor gives service to cure us.

We pay the doctor to make us healthy.

Police controls traffic.

He helps us to cross the road safely.

Police is giving us some service.

Police is paid salary for his service.

Postman brings us letters.

He is giving service of bringing letters.

Postman is paid salary for his service.



a. What ‘GOODS’ do you carry to school?

b. Is chair a ‘GOODS’ or ‘SERVICE’? Why?

c. Who all do service in your school?

(eg. Gardener, sweeper, watchman...)

d. Describe the ‘service’ given by the gardener.

e. Describe the ‘service’ given by the watchman.

f. If you had Rs. 10 , what goods would you like to buy?

LESSON 2 : EX.2 Some Goods


Look at the list of things below. Say the GOODS that you eat and the GOODS you do not eat.

(The activity exposes the students to broad categories of GOODS in a simple way).

1. Apple 2. Football

3. Chair 4. Icecream

5. Pineapple 6. Bat

7. Computer 8. Mango

9. Cycle

LESSON 2 : EX.3 Some services


(The teacher points to each picture and asks the students to describe it. This activity exposes the students to different types of


Tell what service does the following people give.Choices are given below.


1. What does teacher do?

2. What does sweeper do?

3. What does postman give?

LESSON 2 : EX.4 Some more GOODS and SERVICES


Let us see who all give GOODS and SERVICES to Sita and her family. Tell the persons who give these.

The first one is done for you.

1. Father reads newspaper.

The newspaper is given by newspaper boy .

2. Sita drinks milk .

Milkman brings the milk.

3. Mother cooks vegetables.

Vegetable seller sells vegetables.

4. Brother Anil needs a hair-cut.

Barber gives the hair-cut.

5.Sister Gita wants to find her way.

Policeman shows her the way.

LESSON 2 : EX.6 Who makes what?


Match the Following ‘Who makes or produces’ things for Needs and Wants’ :

1. Shirt 1. Farmer

2. Chair 2. Tailor

3. Vegetables 3. Carpenter

4. Pots 4. Sweets-maker

5. Sweets 5. Baker

6. Bread 6. Potter

Lesson 2: GOODS and SERVICES

Sub-Topic 2.2 : Who are workers?

Have you visited a hotel?

Waiter works in the hotel.

He is a worker.

Have you visited a garage?

A mechanic works there.

He is a worker.

Lesson 2: Ex. 5 Oral Work

Name some workers you know?


LESSON 2 : EX.6 What do you get where?

Have you visited any of the following places ? Name two things you get there.

1. Hotel

2. Toy shop

3. Book shop

4. Grocery shop