Lesson 1 - I WANT TO

Life is unfoldment and development

of being under circumstances tending

press it down.


Key Objectives:

Reading this module and doing the students activities will enable the students to:

  • Stimulate thinking about one 's self.

  • Stimulate thinking of role of individual in society.

  • Develop observation of surrounding from vocational point of view.

  • Initiate the process of formation of vocational attitude.

  • Develop understanding of concepts like work, money, satisfaction.


  • Vocation

    • The work accepted by a person to earn and fulfill his requirements.

  • Vocational Education

    • The training - formal or nonformal and experiences that leads a person to make a choice of vocation and helps succeed.

  • Money

    • The currency used to exchange the things or services in terms of money or other products or services.

  • Worth

    • The equivalent of any product or services in terms of money or other products of services.

  • Job Satisfaction

    • The pleasure of doing job, which is services earned along with money.

  • Social Status

    • The respect earned from the other members of the society that sets a person in special place.

  • Costs

    • The value of a certain product or service in terms of money.

  • Services

    • The help provided by a person based in his knowledge, skill or expertise in return of money.

Skills: The students activity is designed to clarify the CONCEPTS of the module and develop some "ENTERPRISE SKILLS" (E. Skills). The E.Skills included in a module may not be exhaustive but are only indicative. E.Skills stated in modules elsewhere may also get addressed through the activities of a module.:

  • Observation

    • Ability to observe the people in their work places and observe their role in society.

  • Critical Thinking

    • Ability to think about social status, discrimination between cheap and expensive things and sensible use of natural resources.

  • Self Awareness

    • To think about one's own liking and disliking and ability to visualise one's role in society and the world.


ACTIVITY 1- I Want to Be.

Form groups and discuss the worksheet. Teacher may also printout the Worksheet and distribute it.

Encourage the open interaction among group members. Call students to present the gist of their group discussion to the class. Motivate shy students to come out by encouraging remarks as many encouraging remarks as found suitable.


  • Form groups as guided by the teacher.

  • Select a coordinator for your group.

  • Select any one from the given options or similar title for your group. (Jewellers, builders, industrialists, artists, pilots, doctors, lawyers, military officers, etc)

  • Read the questions and discuss them with your group members according to the title chosen by you.

  • You may change the chosen title and answer all questions again according to the new title chosen.

  • On teacher’s instructions let one member of your group read one answer and explain it.

  • Allow each student of the group to answer at least one question.


Names of students :1) __________________________2) _________________________

3) __________________________4) _________________________

5) __________________________

Name of the group :_________________________ Group Leader _________________

∗ What do _______________ *do ? (Name of the group)*

∗ Do you need specific degree or education to be a / an ____________________________________

∗ Do you need a lot of money by being a / an _______________________________________________

∗ Do you get a lot of respect from people by being a / an ___________________

∗ Do you work with a lot of people ? ___________________

∗ Can you help others by being a / an ___________________

∗ How ? ______________________________________________________________________

∗ Do you seem to be enjoying their work ? ___________________

∗ What are some of the difficulties you will face in being a / an _______________ ?

∗ What are some of the problems of being a / an ________________ ?

∗ What should you do to be a good ________________ ?

ACTIVITY 2- I and all around Me.

This activity aims at developing self awareness in relation with things around a child. Motivate the children to recall real life experiences to answer the questions.


  • Form groups as instructed by your teachers.

  • Discuss the questions in groups and write answers.

  • Let each child read one answer when teacher asks.

  • Write and read all answers if there are more than one.


Names of students :1) __________________________2) _________________________

3) __________________________4) _________________________

5) __________________________

Name of the group :_________________________ Group Leader _________________

1) Is it essential for all to go to school ? Why ? __________________________________________________________________________

2) Is it essential for all to earn money ? Why ?___________________________________________________________________________

3) Name some of the things we can buy using money ? ________________________________________________________________

4) Name some of the things we get without paying for it. _______________________________________________________________

5) Name five things most essential for life. _____________________________________________________________________________

6) Name five things needed for comfort or convenience. _______________________________________________________________

7)Name five expensive things. __________________________________________________________________________________________

8)Name five expensive things but very essential. _______________________________________________________________________

9)Mention five people who do some kind of work for you in return of money. _________________________________________

ACTIVITY 3- I and everything around Me.

This activity is aimed at developing self awarness in relation with the places and the people surrounding a child and their interdependence. Encourage children to recall their visits at the places mentioned in the questions to answer. This exercise will enhance the imagery abilities. >>Click here for pdf file of Work Sheet


  • Divide the groups as instructed by your teacher.

  • Discuss the following questions in group and jointly answer them.

  • Allow one member from your group to present one answer to the class.

  • Select a new representative for each answer.


Names of students :1) __________________________2) _________________________

3) __________________________4) _________________________

5) __________________________

Name of the group :_________________________ Group Leader _________________

1)Name five public places. ___________________________________________________________________________

2) Is your school a public place ? Why ? ___________________________________________________________________________

3)Name five things that sold at a railway station. ___________________________________________________________________________

4)Name five types of people who work at railway station. ___________________________________________________________________________

5)Name five things you can advertise on a railway station. ___________________________________________________________________________

6)What do you buy from a provision store ? ___________________________________________________________________________

7)Make a list of people who work in or with a provision store. ___________________________________________________________________________

8)Name the people who work at or work with the jewellers shop. ___________________________________________________________________________

9)Name the people who work at or work with a hospital. ___________________________________________________________________________

ACTIVITY 4- : I and all around Me.

This is an activity which is designed for individual students. The teacher may give instructions and let the child take the worksheet home. The teacher may give 2 to 7 days to write at home, discuss things with peer group or family members. A follow up session for discussing the answers in groups and giving group presentations must be done.


  • Read the questions given carefully.

  • Answer each question without discussing with anyone.

  • After 10 minutes discuss your answers and compare with the answers of others.

  • You may use your General Science textbook to find some of the answers.

  • Prepare a group presentation on basis of common answers.


Names of students :1) __________________________2) _________________________

3) __________________________4) _________________________

5) __________________________

Name of the group :_________________________ Group Leader _________________

1.Where does the electricity at your residence come from ? ___________________________________________________________________________

2.Do you have to pay for using electricity ? ___________________________________________________________________________

3.Have you seen an electricity metre at your residence ? ___________________________________________________________________________

4.Do you pay for usage of sunlight to someone ? ___________________________________________________________________________

5)Name five things that run or work on sunlight. ___________________________________________________________________________

6)Name five things that run or work with water or running water. ___________________________________________________________________________

7)Name the natural resources. ___________________________________________________________________________

8)Name the non-renewable natural resources. ___________________________________________________________________________

9)Name the renewable natural resources. ___________________________________________________________________________

10)What are non conventional sources of energy ? ___________________________________________________________________________

11)Why should we use petrol and diesel wisely ? ___________________________________________________________________________

12)What is “P.U.C.” certificate for vehicles ? ___________________________________________________________________________

13)Have you heard about “Solar Car” ? Find more information about it and prepare a chart or collage work or pictures.