Training Essentials

This video, along with its accompanying booklet, has been designed as a teaching aid for the trainer teaching counselling, communication skills or facilitation skills. The programme consists of a sequence of video clips which can be used to generate classroom discussion, to illustrate the points being made by the trainer or even to form the basis for assessment. Though the booklet suggests a variety of ways in which these clips might be used, they are presented in such a way as to offer the maximum flexibility to the trainer. It's maybe worth mentioning that this DVD was made quite specifically for lecturers and not for students. This is because it contains no didactic element - the teaching is left to the lecturer!

Contents: Reflections & Paraphrases, Client Statements, Focussing, Open & Closed questions, Being a "Client", Opening a session - Bad Practice, Opening a Session - Good Practice, Body Language, Laughter, Missing the Point, Touching, Demonstration 1 - Basic Skills, Demonstration 2 - Basic Skills, Demonstration 3 - Bad Practice, Demonstration 4 - Advanced Skills.

You'll find a copy of the booklet that accompanies this DVD here - Reading it through should give you some idea of how you might use this title.
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Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
With Booklet

Price £65 including UK P&P
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