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Therapists & Professional Negligence: A Duty of Care?

"provides a framework for understanding how our ethical principles relate to the law" Lynda Burr Healthcare Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal

This DVD – along with its accompanying booklet - is designed to cover essential elements of the law, which are relevant to a wide range of counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and therapists in the UK. It consists of two separate programmes - ‘Counselling, Ethics and the Law’, which looks at the main boundaries and structures which define the law in the UK, and ‘The Case of Dr Theodor Werner’ which looks at issues of Professional Negligence, with specific reference to therapists.

This DVD is not presented as an alternative to taking legal advice should that be necessary but, rather, as an introduction to the UK legal system as it relates to counselling. Any therapist viewing it should find themselves better informed and more confident should they be confronted by some aspect of the law in the future.

Topics covered include: Introduction to the law, key boundaries (geographic, structural, in terms of language, between law and ethics) common law (confidence/confidentiality, contract, negligence), case law, acts of parliament - statute, ethical principles and the law, the law of negligence, assessing the therapists competence, Implications for practice, duty of care, the Bolam test and much more!

Peter Jenkins is a Senior Lecturer in Counselling at the University of Manchester and an Honorary Counsellor at the Manchester University Student and Staff Counselling Service. He is the author of several books on counselling and the law, including “Counselling, Psychotherapy and the Law” and, as co-author, with Dr. Debbie Daniels, “Therapy with Children: Children’s Rights, Confidentiality and the Law” He has made two other DVDs with Counselling DVDs – “A Confidential Space” and “Counselling Confidentiality & the Law”

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With booklet - including suggestions for guided and self directed study.

Total running time - 1 hour 26 minutes

For ease of navigation chapter markers have been inserted at five minute intervals.

Price £40 including UK P&P

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