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Creative Group Supervision

This double DVD pack offers the viewer a unique opportunity to watch a supervision group “in action”. Brigid Proctor and Francesca Inskipp have written about supervision on many occasions but this DVD brings their writing to life, demonstrating how they would work with such a group from its initial formation through to the discussion and exploration of case work.

Four experienced counselling trainers, and one not so experienced counsellor, were asked to take on the role of new counsellors who were at the beginning of their counselling career.

Brigid and Francesca then facilitated this group in coming to an understanding of the ground rules, developing a working agreement, and then taking part in a range of creative exercises that show the way in which the complexities of practice can be explored and understood in supervision at a depth which might otherwise not be possible.

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Running Time: 2 hours 40 minutes

with booklet

Price £60 including UK P&P

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