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A Confidential Space

In this DVD Peter Jenkins is interviewed by Judith Mulcahy on the issues relating to confidentiality in therapeutic work with children and young people in school settings. Peter is the author of several books on the law including Counselling, Psychotherapy and the Law (Second edition, Sage, 2007) and is co-author, with Debbie Daniels, of the recently published Therapy With Children (Second edition, Sage, 2010). He has extensive experience of running training workshops on legal aspects of therapy. He is a Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Salford University, and an honorary counsellor at Manchester University Counselling Service. Formerly a member of the BACP Professional Conduct Committee, he is currently a member of the UKCP Ethics Committee.

Judith is a Senior Lecturer in Counselling at the University of Wales, Newport, running the MA in Counselling Children and Young People programme there and taking a strategic lead for the Schools Counselling Project in Newport. The hour long interview explores many of the complexities of working with children and young people, and Peter conveys some key messages about the value of this counselling with force and clarity. The interview covers a broad range of issues which will be of direct value to practitioners in this challenging field, whether as therapists, trainers, lecturers, managers or supervisors.

Peter provides a strong case for building and maintaining high levels of confidentiality in therapeutic work with children and young people, based on research findings and on recent case law. The DVD also includes discussion of three realistic case examples, provided by Blanka Hubena, which are drawn from counseling practice. The cases relate to the following areas: Assessing risk and making referrals to mental health services, The rights of children and young people to confidentiality and privacy and Parents' rights to access confidential school counselling records. The accompanying booklet also includes detailed background discussion of the theory and of the legal issues referred to in the interview, with full references and sources of further information. Below you'll find a three minute clip from the dvd.

DVD Chapters:

  • ethical issues in working with children and young people

  • good practice for counselling in schools

  • information sharing and child protection

  • disclosures of abuse and pre-trial therapy

  • data protection and access to records of therapy by the courts, police and solicitors

  • access to records of therapy by parents and children

  • Therapy as a "confidential space

Key themes

  • Legal issues relating to privacy and confidentiality

  • rights of parents to give or withhold permission for counselling

  • teachers acting in Loco parentis

  • data protection issues and recording

  • responding to child protection and safeguarding concerns

You can read an extract from the booklet here

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Running Time: 1 Hour 24 minutes

with booklet

Price £40 including UK P&P

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