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Though this programme will undoubtedly be of value to anybody in the early stages of counselling training, it has been designed to help those who don’t want to learn to be counsellors but who simply want to learn how to use counselling skills as part of their job. In this way the nurse can be a more effective nurse, the social worker a more effective social worker and so on.

Skills covered include listening, questions and empathic responses and examples are drawn from demonstration sessions showing good and bad practice.

There is more to counselling skills than skills alone, however, and the video also emphasises the need for self awareness on the part of the practitioner.

If your work brings you into contact with people – and, particularly, people with problems, then this video will help you to help them.

It's perhaps worth mentioning that this trailer was originally made for the VHS version of this video, which we no longer sell. The trailer refers to a timecode on the tape to ease navigation. This is not on the DVD because, with a full range of chapters, it is not necessary.

Running Time: 69 minutes

with booklet

Price £65 including UK P&P

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