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People have used scrapbooks to preserve memories for many years. Photographs, ticket stubs, pressed flowers and so on have all been chosen for the story they tell. More recently, however, the intentional use of the medium as a tool for provoking memory recall has become widely recognized. This links very closely to reminiscence therapy and provides a way of exploring the personal stories and significant life events that have been experienced by people with dementia. This DVD focuses on the way in which significant memories can be recorded and subsequently retained through the creation of such a scrap book, and the way in which this enables people with early onset of dementia to be able to refer back to significant life events. Lana Morris explains the practicalities of such work and demonstrates the process with two colleagues, who develop their own page of memories in the studio.

Creating a scrapbook is a way for practitioners, family members and people with dementia to spend time together as they create a book of memories.

Running Time: 50 minutes

with Booklet

Price £40 including UK P&P

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