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Reflections in Counselling (2nd Ed)

The original groundbreaking interactive programme re-authored for today’s technology

Some ten years ago Mike Simmons created the ground breaking “Reflections in Counselling”, an interactive CD-ROM which allowed the user to gauge the impact on a client of a wide range of counselling interventions. This programme proved to be extremely popular, and has remained so to this day. “Reflections in Counselling Second Edition” features the same client, with the same dilemma, and experiencing the same interventions, but in a production which takes full advantage of today’s technology. With a considerably enhanced feedback section the second edition should be of benefit to all students of counselling or counselling skills in the early stages of their training.

You will be presented with a “virtual client” coming to her first session. She will make an opening statement and you will then be offered a choice of interventions. The choice you make will determine how the client responds next - and so it will go on. At the end of the session you receive extensive feedback on the choices you made. Every session will start with the client making the same opening statement, but what she says next will depend on you. You might find she feels a bit better, thanks you, and leaves. You might find that she walks out on you. You might find yourself going round and round in circles. You might find her saying exactly the same thing that she said five minutes ago. All pretty much like the real thing!

Dual Platform CD-Rom – PC (XP or Vista) or Mac (System 10.2 or better)

Running time: Very much up to you!

with explanatory leaflet

Price £20 including UK P&P

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