A Person Centred Counsellor


In 2000 Norma James, already a highly experienced therapist with many years of practice behind her, made the decision to work only from a Person Centred perspective. In this video she demonstrates her practice and talks about her understanding of the approach.

The DVD consists of a 55 minute unscripted session in which the client - in reality a colleague of Norma’s - works with real material. This is followed by two short debrief sessions conducted by Mike Simmons in which he talks to both the counsellor and client about the session and then a 33 minute interview in which Mike talks to Norma about the Person Centred Approach.

This DVD  provides a rare opportunity to see a real counselling session, unscripted, unplanned, just as it happened.

Norma James is a supervisor, a BACP registered accredited counsellor and a counselling trainer.
Jan Gray is a CB Therapist, counsellor and trainer.
Mike Simmons is a BACP Fellow, and has been involved in counselling training for more than 25 years.

With an accompanying booklet of further reflections on the session
Edited and Produced by Mike Simmons
Running Time 1 hour 40 minutes
For ease of navigation chapter markers have been inserted at five minute intervals