Counselling, Confidentiality and the Law

"Essential viewing for counsellors, counsellor trainers and students" 
(Mo Perkins - Therapy Today)

Counselling and the law make uneasy bedfellows. Whilst counsellors often have no more than a vague idea of the ways in which the legal system might impact on their work,  the legal profession itself is quite clear about what therapists should do if required - 
  • to hand over their counselling notes 
  • to appear in court as a witness 
  • to describe their counselling work in detail 
For the counsellor this presents huge dilemnas, and many find themselves caught between a need to comply with the law and a fear of the impact that this will have on the client counsellor relationship. This programme differentiates the facts from the fantasies, and explores the issues involved when therapists find themselves under pressure to break confidentiality or, alternatively, when they themselves begin to wonder whether they should do so.

Peter Jenkins 
is a counsellor and a counsellor trainer, and is also the author of several books on the law, including “Counselling, Psychotherapy and the Law” (Second edition, Sage, 2007), and, as co-author, with Dr.Debbie Daniels, "Therapy with Children: Children’s Rights, Confidentiality and the Law" (Second edition, Sage, 2010). He also appears in the DVD, "A Confidential Space: Ethical considerations when counselling children and young people". (

He is a Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Manchester University and an honorary counsellor at Manchester University Counselling Service. 

In this programme he discusses with Mike Simmons some of the conflicting pressures that can come into force when this happens and, by means of a series of role plays, considers a number of scenarios – any one of which might confront the therapist the next time a client walks through their consulting room door.

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Double DVD Set with booklet - Total running time - 2 hours 33 minutes
For ease of navigation chapter markers have been inserted  at five minute intervals and at the start of each scenario.
Edited and produced by Mike Simmons

SPECIAL OFFER  For an extra £5 this title is also available as a special study pack. Along with the booklet and two DVDs this also includes two CDs which carry almost the entire audio track of the programme - Ideal for listening to in the car!