The Client, the Counsellor & the Unsuitable Friend

This video, the first produced by the School of Social Studies, was recorded in three separate sessions. In the first of these a client and counsellor simply took part in a 30 minute unscripted counselling roleplay in a video studio. In the second they returned to the studio and watched the tape that they had made, recording their comments on the work they had done.

The third session was recorded as a result of feedback from professionals in the field, and involved the counsellor in recording further reflections on the way in which he had worked, the way in which he perceived the session, and in making suggestions about the way in which the DVD might be used. Please note that the bulk of this video was produced before our studio became digital and, as a result, the technical quality doesn't match that of our later videos and DVDs - as you can see from this trailer. feedback, however, tells us that it's still very watchable!.  

Running Time:  1 hour 15 minutes
with explanatory leaflet
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