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The Counselling Trainer's Handbook

This is a first for Counselling DVDs - a book rather than a DVD! It is an invaluable resource for any counselling course.

This book is for anyone who teaches counselling or counselling skills. It’s not about what to teach, though, it’s about how to teach. Not about those theories that counsellors need to be aware of, but the way in which an understanding of theory – and an understanding of the self – can be facilitated. The way to work with students then, and the way to manage a course. It's not claiming that what’s written here is the only way to do the job, just that this has been the way that’s worked for the author and his students.

So who is this book for? Counselling trainers, pretty obviously, and perhaps most particularly trainers working on fairly lengthy courses, but this isn't to say that someone working on short introductory courses might not also find something useful here. You might be teaching communication skills and not counselling at all, but you'd still find something here that's worthwhile.

How might this book be used? You could read it from beginning to end like a novel if you wanted to, though it hasn’t been written like that. Alternatively you might well want to scan through it to see what particularly interests you, but it was also designed to be dipped into from time to time, perhaps when you’re confronted by a knotty problem of some kind - or when you simply want someone else’s perspective. To that end the various topics have all been arranged in alphabetical order, with cross references linking to other parts of the book at the end of each topic. This is particularly valuable in the ebook versions of the handbook, because all the cross references are live links, making it possible to jump from point to point at the touch of a finger.

Contents -

Anxiety, Assessment, Balance of roles – therapist/trainer, Beginnings, Booklists, Book Review, Boundaries, Breaking Bad News, Business Sessions, Challenging Collusion, Changes, Complaints, Continuing Professional Development, Counselling or Counselling Skills, Course Evaluations, De-Roleing, Differences, Endings, Ethics, External Examiners, Failure, Feedback, Fiction, Finding a Voice, Fitness to Practice, Ground Rules, Handbooks, Honesty, Interviews, Journals, Marking, Mobile Phones, Modelling, Name Games, Opening & Closing Rounds, Peer Observations, Peer Support, Personal Development Groups, Personal Therapy, Placements, Popcorn or Rounds?, Processing in Class Exercises, Professional Bodies, Recording Lectures, Regulations, Registers, Residential Weekends, Ripples, Rogers’ "Four" Core Conditions, Self Care, Skills Practice, Structure of the Day, Supervision, Tears, Technology, Triads, Trouble Brewing, Video, Visiting Lecturers, Working in a Team - plus a comprehensive set of appendices and supporting web site.

Available either as hard copy - 106 spiral bound A4 pages - or as a download - either "epub" for iPads and other ebook readers, "mobi" for Kindles or PDF. Please note that in our opinion the epub or mobi versions are by far the best choice - the hyperlinking between sections makes for a much improved reading experience!


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