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Counselling DVDs have been making videos for more than twenty five years. Originally based at the University of Wales, Newport, we now have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of counselling DVDs available in Europe, and it's still growing. Whether you’re a trainer, a counsellor, a psychotherapist or simply use counselling skills as part of some other occupation you should find something here that will be of interest to you.

All our DVDs have been directed, edited and produced by Mike Simmons. Mike was a counselling lecturer at Newport for many years and a BACP accredited trainer until the cessation of that scheme. He is a BACP Fellow and has used video as a teaching medium for more than twenty five years.

You'll find details of each DVD on this site, along with reviews and trailers where they're available and, of course, payment details. We can take payment by paypal or credit card directly from the site but if you wish to pay by cheque or, for institutions, by purchase order, then that's no problem. We generally expect to dispatch orders within 24 hours of receiving them during the week, or on a Monday for weekend orders - but it's still always worth letting us know if there's a degree of urgency.

Browsing our site you'll find all sorts of interesting titles but it you want a quick overview of what we have to offer you might want to visit our quick catalogue.

It's maybe worth saying that buying one of our DVDs entitles you to do pretty much anything with it you might want without needing to purchase any sort of supplementary license. You can show it to groups, use it in the classroom, lend it to students, put it in your library, whatever. What you can't do, however, is re-edit it, copy it, or put it onto a virtual learning environment for streaming - for that you'll need to be talking to us about a license!

NEW - Counselling DVDs latest release is a book, and you can find it here.

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