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Feb 9 '17: Google unexpectedly disabled the editing software for the Online Discussions section of the AR-chive yesterday while I was adding content. We've only managed to build up seven years-worth (working on 2004 presently) so far. Only a dozen or so years left now!

No idea why it shut down. Having gone thru this more than once before, I suspect some robo reviewing algorithm had a tick. Usually things return to normal ... eventually. (When the rent is free, you should be able to live with inconvenience, eh?)

Still, just in case we have more significant misunderstandings some day, here's what I'm thinking for the present. Both this page you are now reading and the home page of the AR pdf section of the AR-chive have a spot like this for the sort of housekeeping that I'm so eloquently spewing forth at the moment.

So, for now, I can't leave these remarks on the Online Discussion site because it is sitting in read-only mode. Could be that the same happens right here with the Apologetics Bulletins section of the site. That would mean that I couldn't leave word about such difficulties here either. 

Can you see where this is going? If I can't write to this page any more, and I can't write to the home page on the Online Discussions section either, then, I hope to be able to do so on the home page of the AR pdf section of the AR-chive. 

If everything gets switched to read-only mode, then my only recourse will be to mention the problem (for then folks, it really WILL be a problem) in Apologia Report. I hope it never comes to that. If history is any indication, it likely won't come to that. 

Praying for peace. -- Rich

Update Mar 21 '17: A week or so after the foregoing entry the entire Online Discussions site was switched from read-only to being completely disabled. I suspected that was only temporary (as has been the case elsewhere in AR-chive history) and today that was confirmed. It is back to read-only mode. I'm betting that could be fixed for a price.

Praying for payment!  -- Rich

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To Jerry Carbone, who befriended me when I was just starting out 
and gave so many evenings to train me in what might be done with a computer

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