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Dec 30 '17: Google unexpectedly disabled the Online Discussions section of the AR-chive on February 9. It has gone in and out of read-only mode multiple times since then. When it is not in read-only mode, it is no longer accessible. Regardless, we would like to keep adding content, but can not. For more on this, see the related history page entry -- here

We have no idea what is behind this glitch, but Google has done something like this before, for example:

Earlier this morning, Google seemed to have determined that many files on Google Docs violate the company's Terms of Service and have frozen several users out of their accounts. Evidently a bug, according to statements from Google, it raised the question of whether or not Google was reading through their documents.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who is getting locked out. Users contacting Google Docs on Twitter range from the social media managers of media sites to sociology students. Google's response is the same each time: "The team has been made aware of this issue and is currently investigating. Appreciate your patience." Now, Google has blamed the issue on a bug that incorrectly flagged certain docs as 'abusive.'

Google Drive, the file storage and synchronization service through which Docs operates, lists a fairly benign Terms of Service. Spam, malware, threatening bodily harm, child exploitation, illegal activities in general. " If we are notified of unlawful activities,"Google's Terms of Service state, "we will take appropriate action, which may include removing access to some of our products, your Google Account, or reporting you to the relevant authorities."

Most of these claims appear to be bogus, but it's not the first time that Google's ownership of the documents on Google Drive has come into question. In 2007, reporters noted that Google's Terms of Service seemed to allow the company "worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license" to distribute user-created content "for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting Google services."

In 2007, the California company quickly changed its ToS after complaints. Both events serve as a good reminder: Never trust documents you need to a single source.

Source: Digg, "Google Docs Was Mysteriously Locking People Out of Their Work" by David Grossman, AP story, Oct 31 '17 <>

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To Jerry Carbone, who befriended me when I was just starting out 
and gave so many evenings to train me in what might be done with a computer

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"The power of information is in cooperative communication."
... adapted from BBS-FYI 1:1, November 12, 1992

The New Testament addresses a universal spiritual hunger. Often this is seen in becoming aware of an acute lack of holiness in others. This realization comes upon us unexpectedly. How ironic that an awareness of our own similar wretched condition is so much less common. That more illusive awareness dawns with growing New Testament familiarity.

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