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"Every educated person should be conversant with the sacred texts" says self-styled progressive Camille Paglia for the Wall Street Journal. She continues: "Comparative religion is the true multiculturalism and should be installed as the core curriculum in every undergraduate program. From my perspective as an atheist as well as a career college teacher, secular humanism has been a disastrous failure. Too many young people raised in affluent liberal homes are arriving at elite colleges and universities with skittish, unformed personalities and shockingly narrow views of human existence, confined to inflammatory and divisive identity politics." <www.bit.ly/2FHuhQd>

"Zeenat Rahman, executive director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, has argued that increased religious literacy could lead to a decrease in polarization." <www.bit.ly/413rtV3>

-- Dedication --

To Jerry Carbone, who befriended me when I was just starting out and gave so many evenings to train me in what might be done with a computer

We are turned off by the main characters of our books and movies when they are rendered without flaws. Even so, we typically have little patience with the flaws of people who do not hold our respect in real life. Nevertheless, many hope that after we die and it turns out that God exists after all, he will cut us the slack that we often do not cut others.

The New Testament feeds a universal spiritual hunger. Often this is discovered after becoming aware of an acute lack of holiness in others — their flaws. This realization comes upon us unexpectedly. How ironic that an awareness of our own similarly wretched condition, our flaws, is so much less common. Yet, occasionally we become aware of this distressing self-contradiction. The "mystery" behind that more illusive awareness dawns with familiarity and it all starts with the gospel. 


So goes the ancient saying:
"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news"


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