Spotlighting NR21 Success Stories

Featured Educator: Stephany Elsworth @ Winnemmucca MS

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Art Teacher

elsworth@hcsdnv.comPHONE # 775-623-8120

Stephany Elsworth has embraced the implementation of technology in the classroom and is not afraid to try new things. Stephany has really taken to making videos and screencasts to show her students step-by-step how to complete their various art projects. Stephany features her lessons using Google Slides and then records her instruction using Screencastify. This allows her students to pause their teacher whenever they need to, complete the parts of their assignment, and continue when THEY are ready to move on and students can watch her demonstrate the techniques over and over again. Incorporating video in her classroom has allowed Stephany to personalize the learning path of each and every one of her students. In fact, one of Stephany's videos featuring the drawing of an eye was the most-watched video! This demonstrates just how powerful blending instruction and flipping your classroom can be.

When asked about the impact her implementation has had on her educational practices, Stephany commented, "I feel like technology has opened doors for me as a teacher that would not have otherwise been available. For example, I can record an art demonstration in advance so students can be watching or working while I walk around and work with individual students. It also allows students to practice their artistic skills outside the classroom. I especially enjoy the fact that the kids can watch the demonstration multiple times rather than just seeing it once, because they’re able to go back back and practice in areas where they may need extra help. I’ve even found that it encourages parent involvement because I’ve had children come back and tell me that their parent or guardian has practiced the art techniques with them at home."

Stephany makes learning meaningful to her students each and every day. The Nevada Ready 21 community is so excited to spotlight her success.

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Stephany's Lessons in Action

Drawing and Eye with Stephany Elsworth

Introductory Ceramics Lesson with Stephany Elsworth

Stephany's Words of Wisdom

Starting the NR21 program can be a little intimidating. It seemed like a lot of work in the beginning because of the learning curve. Both the teachers and the students were learning something new at the same time, and there were some speed bumps along the way, but as time went on and the issues smoothed themselves out, I started to be aware of the tremendous potential the initiative had to offer and jumped into it. I’d say to keep an open mind. It can be a little rough in the beginning, but the options and possibilities for opening up new avenues of student learning and growth are more than worth it.

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