Spotlighting NR21 Success Stories

Featured Educator: Sherwood Jones @ Garrett JHS

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Sherwood Jones

Digital Coach for Nevada Ready 21

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Sherwood Jones has sparked inspiration and change in the classroom for both students and teachers throughout his coaching and teaching career. One practice Sherwood attributes to his success is surrounding himself with other talented people. “I am inspired by all the great people I have had the opportunity to meet and work with. Jamey Hood, the Principal at Garrett, has been instrumental in leading and modeling the culture we have developed. My wife is a valuable resource, sounding board, and helper in developing ideas and activities. There is a tremendous amount of talent within our building and my job is made easier by the people I work with and know.”

Always on the cutting edge and seeking technology applications that will best assist a classroom, Sherwood works with teachers and students in multiple ways. From Robotics to Google breakouts with lock boxes, Sherwood invests his time and attention to developing, completing the legwork and modeling projects for the teachers he coaches. He states, “We encourage our staff to give students options, take responsibility for their learning, and practice real-world application of learning. Technology has enabled us to enhance the great things we do and raise the level of learning. With Chromebooks, we open the world to our students, give students a voice, and have the student become content creators.”

When asked about something he is currently working on Sherwood explained the Urban Adventure Project. “In accelerated math 6, our teacher allows me to work with her students on problem-solving techniques. The Urban Adventure is a high level, four-week project using a map of Manhattan. Students use math to solve problem clues, navigate to various locations and create a Google Slide travel log. I’ve used a number of Google Forms to set up the adventure.”

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Garrett JHS Robotics

Club sponsor, Mr. Jones

Words of Wisdom

“Change theory has found changing the culture and making the changes with technology that we would like to see is a long-term process and not an event. We just don’t flip a switch and move to the 21st-century environment we envision. Not everyone embraces change and some need time to see it work, and see success. Leaps for some, steady progress for others, and baby steps for some. One size does not fit all. Flexibility is a key feature needed by all coaches. Building relationships takes time. Knowing your fellow teachers is key, and administrative support is a must. Be patient. Listen before speaking. Support instruction any way you can. And don’t forget teaching is a hard job and more responsibilities are added to the teaching load all the time.”

What I wish I had known...

"Starting out, don’t expect miracles, but enjoy them when you see them. It’s hard work to make change happen. But that’s teaching.”

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