Implementation Team

Scheduled Implementation Team Webinars


10/10/18 @ 9 am

11/7/18 @ 9am

1/16/19 @ 9am

2/13/19 @ 9 am

3/13/19 @ 9 am

4/24/19 @ 9 am

Implementation webinar calls were designed to facilitate a collaborative community between the cohort principals, digital learning coaches, SBT technicians, teacher leaders, and the members of the NR21 support team. The goal is to dialogue about the many experiences, concerns, and vision for our unique blended learning school environments.

Monthly Implementation Calls


8/22/18 @ 10 am

10/24/18 @ 10am

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Links to Archived Webinars


NR21 PLN April 2018 (1).mp4


2017-11-02 12.00 NR21 Principal PLN Webinar Series.mp4