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Featured Educator: Michelle Trueman @ Silvestri

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Digital Learning Coach

Michelle McClellan-Truman was instrumental in the first phase of the Nevada Ready 21 grant. Her innovative ideas and willingness have made her crucial to the success of the program.

Interesting enough, Michelle did not join the NR21 team with a vast background in tech. However, she more than makes up for it in her ability to design and facilitate professional development focused on the pedagogy of blendEd and blended learning curriculum design. From the beginning, Michelle has made it her goal to support and assist her teachers in developing the skills, knowledge, and toolset to push their instruction across the SAMR model for technology integration. She has challenges Silvestri staff to partner with LMS systems, such as Canvas, and online instruction programs, like APEX, to increase productivity in the classroom and the quality of small group instruction.

Her ingenuity and willingness to help has truly shaped our NR21 community.

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"I have been using technology for many years. I think, if anything, it just strengthened and refined my process."

Take a Look

With Michelle's help, Silvertri STEAM Academy teachers have revolutionized their instructional practices.

Using their Chromebooks and Canvas LMS, students are empowered to digital record and practice their musical instruments, providing instructors with valuable evidence of student learning and a timeline of student achievement.

In addition, Silvestri now hosts three full-time STEAM teachers, including:

Michelle has created an innovative space on campus to support her teachers with tech posters and how-to documents. As well as an online repository of ideas and resources for any and all looking to expand their use of technology in the classroom. Take a look at Driving Digital Learning.

Students' NatGeo Capstone Project Haes Caipa
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Bot Challenges, March 2018
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Words of Wisdom

"Plan, plan, plan. Use all stakeholders, including student council (if higher ed) to do roll outs. Have conversations with staff, understand that not all faculty members will be onboard or want to change his/her practices. Small changes in practice and actually affect student achievement."

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