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Featured Educator: Sarah DeSart @ Adobe MS

digital coach and teacher sarah desart

Digital Coach & 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher PHONE # (775) 738-3375

Sarah has always been innovative with technology use in her classroom and eager to share her knowledge and excitement with her colleagues. She has been the NR21 digital coach at Adobe for the last 3 years, coaching and supporting teachers with technology integration.

Sarah has done a couple projects over the course of being a NR21 digital coach. The first summer, she facilitated a technology training camp, and professional development course on Ditch that Textbook. This year she implemented a Technology Club for teachers and built and facilitated a professional development course for NR21 called Constructing the 4 C's. She also has a pet project for the district where she teaches a 2 credit Chromebooks and the Google Suite course. Sarah has instructed this class now 6 times.

Sarah believes technology has changed everything she does with education. She loves how it brings the world to life for her students. Along with being the NR21 Digital Coach, Sarah also teaches World Geography and can't imagine teaching without Google Earth, Google Maps and 360 images to bring the world to her classroom. Sarah loves integrating HyperDocs and Google forms into her instruction and how they make learning interactive and entertaining.

sun setting behind a construction side beside the words Constructing the 4Cs

"In a the 21st century world we must teach technology and it has to be incorporated in all content areas, this is the students' world they are living in and we MUST prepare them for that world."

-Sarah DeSart

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Words of Wisdom

"I would say don't be afraid of the technology, it is amazing what it can do! Listen, read and ask questions we are teachers and we shouldn't be afraid of learning new things. I would also say take as many PD opportunities as possible to learn as much as you can. I wish I would have as a teacher known where to go for ideas."

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