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"It's all about the learning."

The Professional Development Strategists run a blog filled with fresh resources, smart strategies, and timely reminders for Nevada Ready 21 coaches, teachers, and staff. Check back often, as we will be posting regularly!

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Alternate logo of the Nevada Ready 21 logo, consisting of the words "Nevada Ready" and the number "21" over the shape of the state of Nevada.

Nevada Ready 21 is a statewide initiative that provides students with an equitable, technology-rich education that supports high standards, an engaging learning environment, and the development of the 21st century skills students will need to prosper while fueling the economic growth of the state. The ultimate outcome that we are working toward is to produce creative, self-directed, information-savvy collaborators.

In addition to providing digital learning devices for each student, the program will deliver comprehensive professional development training and support for teachers and administrators as well as improving broadband internet access in schools throughout the state.

Check out the Nevada Department of Education website for additional information.