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Featured Educator: Laurel Dority @ Carson Middle School

6th Grade Science Teacher

ldority@carson.k12.nv.usPHONE # 283-2864

Laurel Dority is an example of a lifelong learner. After graduating at age 41, Laurel began her teaching career in Special Education. In 2013, she found her home in 6th grade science at Carson Middle School. She believes in giving students the foundation for learning and teaching them the ways to find information. Utilizing the 1:1 technology in the classroom has provided that pathway.

Laurel is passionate about environmental science and sustainability. Her enthusiasm for the subject carries over to her students. Since 2008, her students have been collecting recyclables and studying the effects on the environment. Her students were excited to publish a sustainability video on YouTube in 2017.

Laurel has an amazing knack for making student learning authentic and engaging. Just recently, while studying life on Mars, students participated in a postcards to the Mars Rover project. Students sent digital postcards to the Rover, which has been asleep for several months due to a dust storm on Mars. The students were excited that their messages would reach Mars and be stored as NASA data for years to come. This project earned her class a write up on the Carson City School District social media pages and the local Channel 4 news.

When it comes to technology, Laurel considers herself a “seasoned” teacher and loves learning from her more tech savvy students. Her students enjoy showing her new tricks and tools on the computer, just as she enjoys encouraging their curiosity about science.

What’s next for Laurel? Just a chat with an Antarctic scientist using Google Hangouts!

Words of Wisdom

A teacher who never stops learning herself will continue to inspire her students to reach for the stars.

Who Influences You?

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  • Marjorie Rispin
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