NR21 Professional Learning Network

The NR21 Grant creates a Professional Learning Network of principals, digital coaches, technical support staff, professional development strategists, state representatives, and district leaders. These entities form a network of experts who collaborate to foster student and teacher success when implementing technology. This page houses reference materials related to the those implementing the foundations of the NR21 Grant.

PLN Team Resources

Digital Coach Created Resources

Michelle Truman

Silverstri JH

Check out the Driving Digital Learning. A collection of useful, and inspiring which can be used to enhance the digital learning experience of your school site.

Britt Wadas

Thurman White

Wadas Up webpage hosts links to digitals tools and apps to aid teachers implement technology in their classrooms.

Brianna Aikens

Pinecrest-St. Rose

Thinking about making changes to your next Chromebook deployment? Check out this educational video.