Spotlighting NR21 Success Stories

Featured Educator: Jamey Hood @ Garrett JHS


Jamey Hood

With an emphasis on people, Jamey Hood has generated trust as well as an innovative spirit that inspires new ideas and gives permission not to fear failure. One of Principal Hood’s focuses has been on building relationships and empowering her teachers and staff. As an initial school in the Nevada Ready 21 cohort, the Garrett Junior High School staff has worked hard to engage students in learning with numerous online activities and projects. “By using technology and modeling various applications for the staff, we have easily transitioned to a Google campus and the entire staff and students use Google every single day.” Principal Hood also related that “the teachers jumped in with several Saturday and after school trainings and have learned how to incorporate technology to increase student engagement and strengthen student achievement scores.” She further stated, “By promoting a risk-free environment with the teachers, we were able to try things out and work collaboratively to develop lessons and projects for students.” It is evident that Principal Jamey Hood has created a school culture of rigorous, relevant learning for her students. She also places a tremendous emphasis on creating a collaborative spirit within teacher learning as well.

Principal Hood connecting with students.

Words of Wisdom

“The most important thing I could recommend is for the leader to be positive and always encourage teachers to take risks in their learning, experiment with technology, go out on a limb and try new things. Don’t be afraid to recognize the smallest of technological steps forward from staff. ALWAYS support them as they learn through the process.”

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