Presentation for Staff Training

Check out the presentation from the face-to-face meeting in Southern Nevada on November 15, 2016 (make an editable copy)

On-Demand PD

As teachers and digital coaches for the Nevada Ready 21 program, we often find we are swamped with work, emails, students, and administrators.

We would like to make it easy on you this month.

Our on-demand PD modules are designed to introduce teachers to a new resource or strategy, explain how to facilitate it, then gives an opportunity to practice it. #SciEdTech this month will be in the form of on-demand professional development. Check out the links below for access to the on-demand PD resources:

If you would like to use the on-demand PD stations above for a live face-to-face meeting, you will need a way to get your participants to the links. One way to do this is to print out the QR codes from the link below on a color printer. Glue the QR codes to a file folder to make a table tent. Participants can then scan the QR code (or type in the website address) to open the PD stations.

Gamify your live face-to-face training with a scorecard. Download the scorecard below, edit it in Microsoft Word, then print them out. As participants cycle through each station, give them a stamp for completing the work.

The PocketLab is a science lab that fits in your pocket! The sensor can measure graphable data points including acceleration, speeds, force, position, magnetic field, air pressure, altitude, and temperature.

In addition to lessons and resources available directly from the PocketLab Community (click here), we have created a Next Generation Science Standards-based lesson you can use with your students today. Click on the links below for access to the Docs:

Feel Like You Need More PocketLab Training?

CTL has created a series of webinars designed to train teachers on how to use the PocketLab. Click on the links below to access the trainings:

21C Lesson Design

Sometimes teachers find great educational technology resources that they try to "shoehorn" into their everyday lessons. This is not the ideal way to design 21st Century (21C) lessons.

When developing our resources, we always start with the standard, write a learning goal, then design Ed Tech to address those standards and learning goals we teach.

Take a look at the embedded Doc below. The Next Generation Science Standard addressed is one taught in Nevada's middle schools and asks students to "Analyze and interpret data to provide evidence for the effects of resource availability on organisms and populations of organisms in an ecosystem" (source).

Scroll to the second page. From that standard, we wrote learning goals. An interactive close read activity and an investigation that utilizes an online simulation were chosen to address the learning goals.

Download the lesson resource and use it with your students. If you need training on how to navigate through the Close Read activity or the Vee Map, check out the on-demand PD resources above.

MS-LS2-1 Lesson Flow

View the Doc above or make an editable copy