Canvas Transition

Moving Courses from a Paid Instances of Canvas to a FREE Account

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Step 1: Navigate to NR21 Canvas Instance

Go to and create your FREE teacher account.

RECOMMENDATION: Do not use your district email address in the “institution email” field required when signing up. Use a personal email address. This ensures your free account and district instance remain separate.

Step 2: Export your Content

Export your Canvas Course(s) you created in your paid instance of Canvas and save on your local device or in cloud storage.

Click on the button labeled "Link to Guide" for step-by-step instructions.

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Step 3: Log-out of Canvas Accounts

Log out of any Canvas Accounts you are signed into and sign in to your FREE Canvas Account that you created

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Step 4: Start a New Course

Once you have signed in to your Free Canvas Account you will need to “Start a New Course”.

Step 5: Adjust Settings

Then you will adjust your course settings so that students can join your course with a code or a link that you give them.

Click on the button labeled "Video Guide" for step-by-step directions.

Step 6: Import Content

Make sure to then import your Canvas course export package into your New Course that you created.

Click on the button labeled "Link to Guide" for step-by-step instructions.

Additional References

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Canvas Account Comparisons

Learn more about the difference between a free and paid Canvas account by clicking on the button labeled "More Information".

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Step-by-step Directions

Use the link to obtain a print friendly version of the step-by-step directions provided above.