Spotlighting NR21 Success Stories

Featured Educator: LeAnn Morris @ Carson City

Lead Technology Integration Specialist
(p) 775-283-1505

LeAnn has been a leader and innovator for the Carson City School in the area of Educational Technology throughout her career in the Carson City School District. Her responsiveness and flexibility has revolutionized the teaching of Carson City educators.

After Carson City SD rolled out 1-1 devices to their students, they knew teachers needed a place where they could come to get support with technology and integration. Tech CAFE was created in response to this need. CAFE stands for C (Create, Collaborate, and Connect) A (Advocate, model and teach digital citizenship) F (Facilitate blended learning experiences) and E (Engage in professional growth opportunities.) The weekly Tech Cafe offers a collaborative space where teachers can come and receive one-on-one and small group support. Teachers who attend Tech Cafe have opportunities to share best practices and resources with each other. Those utilizing Tech Cafe also have the ability to track their hours and accumulate hours toward their re-certification credits and salary advancement with little to no cost to them personally.

When Tech Cafe started in the spring of 2014 the average weekly attendance was about 20 teachers who attended each week and now we have an average of 55 teachers in the first 5 weeks of school who are attending on a regular basis and 87 different teachers have come so far this year. During the spring semester of 2018 there were a total of 117 different educators who attended Tech Cafe. When Tech cafe first started teachers had to earn their hours by coming weekly and attending in person. Tech Cafe has now transitioned to be more flexible and personalized where teachers can participate in online, blended, and/or face-to-face PD. Teachers track their time with a time log and the work that they are doing.

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Words of Wisdom

Teachers: Don’t be afraid to start. Start with just one thing to get comfortable with and then more things will come along that you can continue to learn and build your toolkit and skill level.

Educational Leaders: It is imperative to have equal voice at the table when making decisions between the instructional technology and the informational technology departments.

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