Digital citizenship should always be a focus as students continue to use technology at school and home. Below you will find various resources to use with students and staff.

Common Sense Media

Digital Compass

Common Sense Media's online interactive game, Digital Compass, is an excellent introduction to digital citizenship. Using an avatar, students use gamification to make digital citizenship choices and see outcomes of their decisions. With many different paths, students are encouraged to repeat the game to see different outcomes.

Resource to facilitate lessons, including questions stems to spark class discussions and/or use as journal prompts.

Easily link to Google Classroom to facilitate learning about digital citizenship.

Google's Be Internet Awesome

Empower Confident Digital Explorers with Google

ISTE approved lesson plans have been created by Google to feature internet safety inside and outside the classroom. The Be Internet Awesome Curriculum provides teachers with lessons ready for implementation as well as methods to make home connections about these important topics.

Gamification to Teach Life Lessons

The use of games is an excellent way to provide instruction, especially on the subject of internet use and safety. Google has created 4 interactive worlds within Interland, which feature the pillars of their digital citizenship program.

Students navigate their avitar through the world using digital citizenship principles to conquer challenges.

While these games may appeal to younger, their message is inclusive of all age groups.

Start playing today and Be Internet Awesome.

More Digital Safety Resources can be found on Google's Be Internet Awesome webpage.

Bring Digital Citizenship to life with interactive PearDeck Slide Lessons

Educational Resources on Implementing Digital Citizenship

Featured Short: "Taming the Social Networking Beast"

Assisting our parent community navigate digital citizenship is just as instrumental as student education. This parent resource, created by Whitney Tynes, facilitates some of the needed conversations.

Dr. Jason Ohler, an advocate for digital citizenship, has begun a series of blog posts entitles Teaching4Tomorrow on Big Deal Media website discussing the importance of digital citizenship and strategies for implementation. Featured posts include:

10 Minute Teacher Vicki Davis

Check out the podcast 5 Things Every Digital Citizen Should Know from Vicki Davis, The Cool Cat Teacher features Alice Chen. She teaches everyone about digital citizenship and discusses 5 things every digital citizen should know as well as classroom examples.

Additional Digital Citizenship Resources

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