Coaching Model:

The Personalized Learning Plan

The steps outlined below are designed to aid NR21 Digital Coaches to empower teachers to realize their instructional technology goals by creating a Personalized Learning Plan to support their personal professional growth.

Step 1: Review the Technology Use Continuum (TUC)

We have all heard about how the SAMR Model can be used to design engaging lessons in a connected 1:1 classroom. But one of the misconceptions about SAMR is that the teacher "moves up" the SAMR scale as if moving up a ladder. When using the SAMR Model to inform instruction it is important to remember that it is the instructional technology integration that "moves up" the ladder and not the teacher.

Review or make a copy of the Technology Use Continuum (TUC), which provides an opportunity for teachers to reflect on where they are in their instructional technology integration.

Click image above or download Technology Use Continuum (TUC) using Google Docs

Articulated teacher levels are listed across the top of the TUC and the domains are listed on the left of the document. The domains are aligned with the CASE Framework used with your school's BrightBytes data.

Use the TUC as an invitation for a coaching session. Because it can be a little overwhelming to do alone, go through the matrix with the teacher and help them identify where they fall for each of the domains.

Step 2: Visit Your Classroom & Make Observations

After making first contact with your teacher, it would be a good idea to observe the teacher doing what they do best! This step can be scary for new coaches because they or the teacher may feel like this process is evaluative. It is a good idea to let the teacher know that you are partners in this relationship and none of the observations will be communicated to supervisors without permission. Setting up the first classroom observation can be tricky, too. Approach the initial scheduled observation with humility and let the teacher know you are there to support them.

Providing yourself and your teacher with a record of the observation lets them know you are serious about helping and provides an opportunity to build a strong working relationship with each other. There are many different options when it comes to observation tools and we have included two different Docs here. While these tools can be filled out online, we have found many teachers value the handwritten, printed copies.

The Classroom Observation Tool features areas for notes, the SAMR level of the lesson, and which of the Four C's of 21st Century Learning the lesson highlights. The observation tool can be scanned with an app on your smartphone so you can leave the original with the teacher and the scanned copy in your Drive

The CIA of BlendED Class Walkthrough Tool is an easy, nonthreatening form that can be easily implemented. This tool features the instructional components found in a blended classrooms including descriptions of the teacher's role, what to look for while in the classroom, and questions to ask students.

Click image above to preview or download CIA of BlendED Class Walkthrough Tool using Google Docs

Step 3: Schedule a Coaching Session

Building a relationship with your teachers is important when helping them achieve their instructional technology integration goals. Using the Coaching Questions provided here can help you establish and cultivate a rapport with your teachers.

Use the questions with your teacher as discussion points. The questions help you direct the conversation towards your teacher reflecting on their practice and choosing an instructional technology integration goal. The goal your teacher chooses should be informed by where the teacher is on one of the domains found on the TUC.

Click image above to preview or download Coaching Questions using Google Docs

"Coaching is releasing a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

Step 4: Create a Personalized Learning Plan

After reviewing the TUC, completing observations, and the coaching session(s), the teacher should be ready to make a personalized learning plan! Meet with the teacher and go through the questions on the Personalized Learning Plan.

Click image above to preview or download Personalized Learning Plan using Google Docs

The plan provides areas for teachers to identify the goal they want to work on, create a series of professional learning action steps, and reflect on how their integration of instructional technology will impacts student learning.

One of the questions on the Plan asks teachers to choose a teaching strategy they could use to help them achieve their goals. This question is designed for you to show off your expertise! Since the TUC features domains aligned to the CASE Framework from BrightBytes, we suggest you pull up your school's BrightBytes data, explore Insights, and find a "Quick Win" strategy applicable to the success of your teacher's goal.

The Plan also includes an area where teachers can link to digital artifacts created by students. These artifacts may become evidence teachers can use for their yearly evaluation, if they choose.

Finally, the Plan offers an opportunity for teachers and Digital Coaches to determine the next steps towards long term goals.

The Technology Use Continuum, Coaching Questions, and Personalized Learning Plan have been adapted from resources originally created by Orange Unified School District. The CIA of BlendED Class Walkthrough Tool was created by Clark County School District. The Classroom Observation Tool was created by Nevada Ready 21.