Formative Assessment

Assessment for Learning

Good teachers in every subject and grade level will adjust their teaching based upon what their students know at each point. Valuable formative assessment holds all students accountable, engages everyone, removes the embarrassment of public hand raising, and gives teachers feedback that impacts how they are teaching at that moment.

Click here for "The Definitive K-12 Guide To Formative Assessment"

FREE, Fantastic, Fast, Formative Assessment Tools:

    1. Google Forms
    2. Formative
    3. EdPuzzle
    4. Kahoot
    5. Quizizz
    6. Socrative
    7. Plickers

Using Video to Formatively Assess Learning a web-based site that allows teachers to upload YouTube, Vimeo, and other videos and insert questions at desired points. Teachers can view student responses in real time. It's free. It's engaging and most importantly, it's educational. Engage students using video and assess their learning .

Allows students the opportunity to vocalize their thoughts through video. As the teacher, you can set the length of their videos from as short as 30 seconds to as long as 2 minutes. It is app and web based and it is FREE!!! It is an outstanding way to formatively assess students’ learning.


If you are need of an online bulletin board where students can type responses to prompts, post comments, add videos, images and links, then Padlet is what you want. Students do not need to login to view and post and since Padlet is FREE!

Did you Geddit?

It’s free!

But, wait there’s more. Geddit is a free student response tool to evaluate comprehension. This web tool works on Chromebooks or any web connected device. Teachers receive student feedback in real time and the feedback is private on the student’s end. Teachers can create short quizzes, send messages to students with links to other content, and track student progress over time to share with parents and the students.

In need of an Exit Ticket?

Gooru is a wonderful formative assessment tool that teachers can put in their arsenal.

Exit Ticket, now apart of Gooru, offers both students and teachers real-time feedback on how well they understand essential key concepts of their lesson content by allowing students to answer key concept comprehension questions before they leave the classroom. Students are able to see their own progress and take ownership of their learning journey. Another big advantage for teachers is that it reduces grading time, due to teachers being able to pre-set answers and tabulate student responses. Not all assessment types are available on the free version but most of the work you will do will be on the launch and exit tabs.