NOCLAR™ NonConformity to Laws and Regulations

Does your organization or your client suffer from Non Conformity to Laws and Regulations? 


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Preventing Nonconformity to Laws and Regulations through integration with all levels of organization structure.

As explained by MQCC® Founder and CEO Anoop Bungay to Mr. Fayezul Choudhury (and his lawyers), former CEO of IFAC (International Federation Of Accountants) ; as early as October 5, 2017.

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Conforms to OSFI, OCC, SEC, FCA, OSC

(Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada and International Equivalent); Office of The Comptroller of The Currency (USA and International Equivalent); U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (USA and International Equivalent); The Financial Conduct Authority (UK and International Equivalent); Ontario Securities Commission (Canada and National and International Equivalent) 

3 Lines of Defense and Governance Guidelines.

And yes, for those of you who are accountants (CPA's and related parties governed by IFAC, IESBA, IAASB, IFRS, IAS, PEMI® and other standards settings bodies in finance) or, other regulated finance sector professionals, the MQCC PNOCLAR module meets or exceeds industry guidelines or requirements.

Reduce your firm's professional liability or annual errors and omissions premiums; MQCC registered systems are recognized by risk insurance underwriters and actuaries, globally. 


Learn how the MQCC prevents NOCLAR, below.   

The below is an excerpt from


(A Canadian Technology, World’s First: Bespoke ISO 9001:2015­ Registered Statutory, Regulatory and Process (SRP™) Conformity Risk Based Unified Quality Management System (uQMS) for the Finance Sector)

The Money Quality Conformity Control Organization MQCC [a division of MortgageQuote Canada Corp.] is the world leader in providing real-time transparent, accountable and efficient, OSFI/OSC(Canada), SEC®/OCC (USA), FCA/PRA (UK)) and Other Regulatory Body (IFAC/IIROC/RECA/FICOM/FSCO/MSC - Canada & International), certifiably statutory-, regulatory- and process- (SRP) conformity, operational, reporting & audit technology to the banking & finance sector; to help businesses and organizations be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

In 2006, the MQCC developed what is today, the world's first bespoke unified, regulatory-recognized, litigation tested, risk based, unified Quality Management System (uQMS) designed to enable continual statutory and regulatory conformity and to prevent statutory and regulatory nonconformity events; for the following scope: "provision of mortgage banking ("lending" in Canada) and mortgage brokerage services". As improvements were continually discovered, the MQCC uQMS evolved into a sub-system within an overarching conformity  management system, namely, the MQCC BlockChain Conformity Management System, trademark branded as: Archangel™. 

Patent-pending and proprietary, continually improving world-class uQMS technology creates measurable levels of efficiency, quality, trust & confidence for the three critical risk management functions of a regulated and non-regulated financial sector company: Business (Operations), Enterprise (Conformity) and Governance (Audit) within a transparent "BlockChain, proof-of-work" organization conformity operating system consisting of integrated internal controls, risk management and governance processes and more.

In good company. The MQCC is the only organization in Canada's finance sector, whose risk based, unified Quality Management System technology is built on Standards that are both: recognized by 163 countries, including the Canadian Federal Government and all finance sector regulators; and registered thereto, by an Accredited Certification Body: "to safeguard consumers and users of [financial] products and services ..."

At the MQCC "We do what we say and say what we do"; this approach "Makes Banking, Finance & Investing Better."


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Safety through Certified Levels of Quality  

International Concordance & Standards Development Organizations

Systems Registration to International Quality Management Systems Standards

"This product or applicable management system conforms to ANSI ISO 9001:2015 standard, with CAN/CSA-ISO 9001:2016 standard, with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 and is registered to ISO 9001:2015 standard." Including high-quality international standards and guidance from other standard-setting boards.                                                     



United States of America (USA)

 European Union (EU)



 United Kingdom (UK)  


 United States of America (USA)  

Systems Registration to International BlockChain Conformity Management Standard™(BCMS™) Brand of Quality Management Systems

"This product or applicable management system is registered to the IOC MQCC:CBQMS™ standard of BlockChain Quality Management System."  

Certifiable to the Standards issued by all National, International and Private Standards Settings Bodies.

All Management Systems Auditors are Accredited by or Members of  

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