Conformity to Government, Industry and Consumer (GIC™) Safety Standards by: 

Regulators (SEC-FINRA-IIROC-FCA) for USA & International Equivalent Public Financial Market Regulatees


MQCC: Correcting Misdescriptive and Deceptively Misdescriptive Understanding of the Nature, Quality, Character and Origin of the Natural Conformity (Non-novel; Exact) Science Phenomenon Generically known as "Crypto".







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" CRYPTO" means, generally speaking: "digital assets"; "digital debts" and is synonymous and ecompasses other words. Visit to learn more.

A Public Message to Top Management at:

 FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority—a [USA] government-authorized not-for-profit organization that oversees U.S. broker-dealers including:

[FINRA Regulates Broker-Dealers], Capital Acquisition Brokers, and Funding Portals. A Broker Dealer is in the business of buying or selling securities on behalf of its customers or its own account or both.  A Capital Acquisition Broker is a Broker Dealer subject to a narrower rule book. A Funding Portal is a crowd funding intermediary. 

And International Equivalents, including:
Canada: IIROC; Canadian Securities Administrators

UK: FCA and 

G7/G20 Member Countries and UN General Assembly Member Countries

Standing Message to FINRA (and CEO's of equivalent Public Financial Market Regulatory bodies)

Dear Current President and CEO of FINRA (Circa 2020),

My name is Anoop Bungay; Founder and CEO of MQCC®.

This public message is designed to provide valuable information to the general public (including mainstream investors), you (in your role as CEO), your organization (FINRA), the organizations that your organization regulates (Broker-Dealer Firms, Capital Acquisition Brokers, Funding Portals), international equivalent organizations (Australia Australian Securities and Investments Commission |FINRA ASIC MoU Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission | SFC_MoU_May_2016.pdf Japan Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) | Memorandum of Understanding France Autorité des Marchés Financiers  |  FINRA AMF MoU Netherlands The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)  |  FINRA AFM MoU Spain Comision Nacional del Mercado de  Valores  | FINRA CNMV MoU United Kingdom The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  |  FINRA FSA MoU The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) | FINRA FSA MoU Brazil Comissão de Valores Mobiliários  |  FINRA CVM MoU Mexico Comision Nacional Bancaria y de Valores | CNBV_MoU_Jan_2016).pdf Canada Alberta Securities Commission  |  FINRA ASC MoU Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) of Quebec  |  Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) of  Canada British Columbia Securities Commission | BCSC MoU_Aug_2016.pdf Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada  |   FINRA IIROC MoU The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)  |  FINRA OSC MoU) in matters of correct and proper applications of non-novel (exact) conformity science ( principles, concepts and core processes. 

Some goods or services that are used-in-commerce since at least as early as April 9, 2005 (see:; classified in the genus of  "applications" from the domain of non-novel (exact) conformity science (, are famously misunderstood and, when NOT "used as directed" are a risk to mainstreet investors and the global financial community, writ large.

IMPLICATION: [If your Regulated Investment Advisor is NOT talking about MQCC® and Anoop Bungay when discussing "crypto"; "bitcoin", "metaverse", "BlockChain" generically OR as their proper use as a trademark utility, then you are NOT getting a fair and balanced picture; nor COMPLETE DISCLOSURE.]

This website is designed to remind regulated financial advisors to follow the SEC® and FINRA (and equivalent public market regulatory rules when "teaching", "marketing", "advising" or "explaining" matters related to the most-misunderstood topics as of 2022, namely; understanding the distinction that distinguishes correct, proper, tested, proven, safe, originating, consensus standards-based "crypto", known by the well known mark and international trademark source identifier: OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL™ OAO™ family of brands that service as identifiers of goods and services borne of scientific DOMAIN: Conformity Science; GENUS: Management Systems; SPECIE: Quality, Risk, Conformity, Process, Governance; namely:

Not a complete List; Visit MQCC® WIPO BLOCKCHAIN™ at to learn more.

Substantive Examination; OWNERSHIP OF MARK

As the owner of the above and other related marks, please note the following; in accordance with the United States Department of Commerce department, namely, the United States Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO); the United States governing authority on intellectual property; it is an incontestable general principle that REGULATORS and POLICY MAKERS inherently possess (by prior learning, education, training, testing and requisite experience) or must possess: "a prior understanding" that, in order to conform to public safety and regulatory requirements when USED IN COMMERCE, one cannot "market" or "trade" in goods and services identified by the above trademark source identifiers WITHOUT correct and proper "exercising sufficient control and supervision of the nature and quality of the goods or services to which the mark is applied". [Source: Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure July 2021; 1201.03(e)]

Further reading expresses the following in respect to Ownership of Marks; 

Similarly, where an individual applicant is not the sole owner of the corporation that is using the mark, the fact that the individual applicant is a stockholder, director, or officer in the corporation is insufficient in itself to establish that the corporation is a related company. The question depends on whether the applicant maintains control over the nature and quality of the goods or services.

See TMEP §1201.03(b) regarding use by wholly owned related companies.

OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL™ OAO™ "CRYPTO" comes with the option of Extended Warranty or Guarantee of Repair

MQCC® provides optional, extended warranties on its non-novel (exact) conformity science-based goods and services to consumers, government, industry and other customers.

In accordance with 1301.01(b)(ii), MQCC® OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL™ OAO™ family brand of goods and services that are marketed in  commerce (financial industry) and identified by one or more of MQCC® world famous marks, come with the option of an additional service, namely,:

These services (a) and (b) [among others], are optional, extended services offered by MQCC® and are separately charged because the basic MQCC® brands of goods and services are normally offered for sale without the optional, extended services. These optional, extended services are NOT merely a time limited manufacturer’s or service provider guarantee offered by MQCC®. That is to say, the words "optional" and "extended" are used to describe this service because it is "qualitatively different" from a warranty normally provided ancillary to the sale of the MQCC® goods/services. 

Implication to FINRA and other Public Financial Market Regulators

If you are going to promulgate policy for (as regulators) or trade in goods and services (as regulatees) generically known as "crypto"; you better have necessary and sufficient learning, education, training, testing and requisite experience in light of the reality of the existence of MQCC® and the seminal, originating work of Anoop Bungay.

If you are a lawyer; visit

May 2022 Public Consumer Protection Message to Mr. Robert W. Cook, Esq.,

President FINRA and US Investors and Foreign Direct Investors who place their

Financial trust in FINRA-regulated Organizations and Professionals™- May 2022 Public Consumer Protection Message to Mr. Robert W. Cook, Esq., President FINRA.pdf

Education Standards

As explained to Current and Past USA Presidents; (visit to see); 

4) The "world" has an incorrect, improper, non-evidence-based, mis-descriptive or deceptively misdescriptive understanding of the natural origins of "crypto" and an improper understanding of the originating science, namely, conformity science and related formalized, commercially proven and regulatory-audited and litigation tested, commercial applications. Indeed, it takes over 4 years for a Bachelor-standard of learning; 2 more years for a Master-standard of learning; 2-4 more years for a Doctorate-standard of learning; and, 4 or more years of working with MQCC® to earn a specialist designation standard of work experience. The MQCC® education process includes disclosure, training and testing on valuable processes, methods, practices, business practices and of course trade secrets (secrets that are, naturally, protected by law).

As the world's primary source of knowledge on commercialized crypto; MQCC® is not only the world's leader on the subject matter, MQCC® quality managed education at BOTH an institutional level AND programmatic level, meets or exceeds United States Department of Education standards for quality in education.Read TEACHING HARVARD™ to learn more. See below. Found at or Google Play.

Teaching Harvard: & All Higher-Level, Accredited/Accredited Class®, Regulated, Vocational, Academic, Research, Development (HARVARD) Class Organizations

SEC® DEMANDS (REQUIRES) INDUSTRY IMPROVEMENT REGARDING: "QUALITY OF INFORMATION" quality of information available to investors; in the marketing process for Regulated Investment Advisors. MQCC® is YOUR WORLD-WIDE TRUSTED AUTHORITY

The Three-way Reality of "Crypto" Markets

(Where does the original crypto (Originating Crypto™) Fit Into the Financial Markets?

Ask the CEO of SEC or FINRA; there are three (3) Financial Markets

(aka Peer-2-Peer markets)

(aka public markets)

(aka exempt markets)

Original Crypto; starting back as early as April 9, 2005 (and earlier) is in this 3rd Financial Market. This 3rd market is defined as:

Non-Bank, Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated or Regulatory Exempt, Free Trading; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow Finance


SEC to learn more.

IP2PFA™ ( IP2PFA™ International Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Private Finance Association 


Original BITCOIN™™

Market 1 is a Base Layer Crypto System

Market 2 is a Secondary Layer Crypto System

Market 3 is a Secondary Layer Crypto System

Understanding the 3 markets matters because original crypto does NOT lose a person $ and is designed to be safe, non-volatile, and more. Visit to learn more.

Did your Regulated Investment Advisor explain to you that are Two Worlds in financial innovation?

World 1 - a safe, reliable, non-volatile, commercialized, insured, USA and118 countries, NATIONAL STANDARDS-registered, regulatory integrated and regulatory exempt OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL OAO™, proven, regulatory tested and regulatory trusted suite of goods and services of the GENUS: Applications of non-novel (exact) conformity science (; SPECIE: management systems (; known by a family of world famous marks (trademark; source identifier); brand names, including: BITCOIN™, BLOCKCHAIN™, CRYPTO™, METAVERSE™; commencing and commercialized (used-in-commerce) at least as early as April 9, 2005 at™. AKA: "CONFORMING CRYPTO"; "CONFORMING BITCOIN™"

World 2 - an unsafe, unreliable, volatile, experimental (non-commercialized), uninsured, series of  AKA: "NONCONFORMING CRYPTO"; "NONCONFORMING BITCOIN; "DIGITAL ASBESTOS™"

SEC Adopts Modernized Marketing Rule for Investment Advisers



“The marketing rule reflects important updates to the traditional advertising and solicitation regimes, which have not been amended for decades, despite our evolving financial markets and technology,” said Chairman Jay Clayton. “This comprehensive framework for regulating advisers’ marketing communications recognizes the increasing use of electronic media and mobile communications and will serve to improve the quality of information available to investors. The new rule provides for an extended compliance period intended to provide advisers with a sufficient transition period, including to enable consultation with the Commission’s expert staff.” 

Message from MQCC® via TWITTER:

Team, if your #RegulatedFinancialAdvisor did not explain (omission) to you difference between #NonConformingCrypto #NonConformingbitcoin (BAD) & #ConformingCrypto #ConformingBITCOIN™ (SAFE), tell SEC® or FINRA or International Equivalent Regulatory Body 

Source: Conformed to Federal Register Version SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION 17 CFR Part 275 and 279 [Release No. IA-5653; File No. S7-21-19] RIN: 3235-AM08 Investment Adviser Marketing 


MQCC® Conforming Crypto; Conforming BITCOIN™: GUARANTEED TO PERFORM

How reliable is a performance claim?

Evaluating the reliability of a performance claim may help you use performance information to make a more informed investment decision. 


Source: SEC Investor Alerts and Bulletins

Investor Bulletin: Performance Claims

Aug. 23, 2016 _ Investor Bulletin_ Performance Claims.pdf

Investor Alerts and Bulletins

Investor Bulletin: Performance Claims

Aug. 23, 2016

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy is issuing this Investor Bulletin to educate investors about investment performance claims.  If you are in the market for an investment, you will likely come across sales and marketing materials that describe an investment’s performance.  You should know that performance information can be presented in many different ways.  Before making a decision, always make sure you understand how any performance claim is calculated and presented – and whether or not the claim is reliable and applies to your particular circumstances.  Here are a few things to consider.


to see the MQCC® Conforming Crypto™ and MQCC® Conforming BITCOIN™ PERFORMANCE HISTORY

See the Canadian Standards for PERFORMANCE CLAIMS:


What is FINRA?

Every investor in America [US RESIDENTS AND FOREIGN DIRECT AND INDIRECT INVESTORS] relies on one thing: fair financial markets. To protect investors and ensure the market’s integrity, FINRA—the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority—is a government-authorized not-for-profit organization that oversees U.S. broker-dealers. We work every day to ensure that everyone can participate in the market with confidence. 

We Play a Big Role 

FINRA is authorized by Congress to protect America’s investors by making sure the broker-dealer industry operates fairly and honestly. We oversee more than 624,000 brokers across the country—and analyze billions of daily market events.

We use innovative AI and machine learning technologies to keep a close eye on the market and provide essential support to investors, regulators, policymakers and other stakeholders.

Regulatory Notice 22-08

FINRA Reminds Members of Their Sales Practice Obligations for Complex Products and Options and Solicits Comment on Effective Practices and Rule Enhancements

Jennifer Piorko Mitchell

Office of the Corporate Secretary


1735 K Street, NW

Washington, DC 20006-1506


Dear FINRA: 

If your Regulated Investment Advisor is NOT talking about MQCC® and Anoop Bungay when discussing "crypto"; "bitcoin", "metaverse", "BlockChain" generically OR as their proper use as a trademark utility, then you are NOT getting a fair and balanced picture; nor COMPLETE DISCLOSURE; in accordance to the at least one or more of the follow SEC of FINRA standards or guidelines or best practices:

Please visit: to learn more.

I will send a formal memo to your President and CEO, later on,



Anoop Bungay

MQCC Email Submission to FINRA re: Regulatory Notice 22-08 FINRA Reminds Members of Their Sales Practice Obligations for Complex Products and Options and Solicits Comment on Effective Practices and Rule Enhancements™_ Meta Quality Conformity Control Organization™ incorporated as MortgageQuote Canada Corp. Mail - MQCC Email Submission to FINRA re_ Regulatory Notice 22-08 FINRA Reminds Members of Their Sales Practice Obligations for Complex Products and Op.pdf

Notice to Members 03-71

NASD Reminds Members of Obligations When Selling Non-Conventional Investments

Notice to Members 03-71 _

Need for:(1) conduct appropriate due diligence with respect to these products; (2) perform a reasonable-basis suitability analysis; (3) perform customer-specific suitability analysis for recommended transactions; (4) ensure that promotional materials used by the member are fair, accurate, and balanced; (5) implement appropriate internal controls; and (6) provide appropriate training to registered representatives that sell these products. 

2210. Communications with the Public

2210. Communications with the Public _

(d) Content Standards

(1) General Standards

(A) All member communications must be based on principles of fair dealing and good faith, must be fair and balanced, and must provide a sound basis for evaluating the facts in regard to any particular security or type of security, industry, or service. No member may omit any material fact or qualification if the omission, in light of the context of the material presented, would cause the communications to be misleading.  [If your Regulated Investment Advisor is NOT talking about MQCC® and Anoop Bungay when discussing "crypto"; "bitcoin", "metaverse", "BlockChain" generically OR as their proper use as a trademark utility, then you are NOT getting a fair and balanced picture.]

Regulatory Notice 19-31

Disclosure Innovations in Advertising and Other Communications with the Public

Regulatory Notice 19-31 _

Q2. Many disclosures in marketing materials have become quite extensive. Are all of these disclosures required by FINRA?

FINRA encourages members to consider how electronic media and design innovations can help direct investors to the information required for a fair and balanced communication.  [If your Regulated Investment Advisor is NOT talking about MQCC® and Anoop Bungay when discussing "crypto"; "bitcoin", "metaverse", "BlockChain" generically OR as their proper use as a trademark utility, then you are NOT getting a fair and balanced picture.]

Regulatory Notice 10-06

Guidance on Blogs and Social Networking Web Sites

Regulatory Notice 10-06 _

Regulatory Notice 11-39

Guidance on Social Networking Websites and Business Communications

Regulatory Notice 11-39 _

The procedures a firm adopts must be reasonably designed to ensure that interactive electronic communications do not violate FINRA or SEC rules, including the content requirements of NASD Rule 2210, such as the prohibition on misleading statements or claims and the requirement that communications be fair and balanced. A static posting is deemed an "advertisement" under NASD Rule 2210 and therefore requires a registered principal to approve the posting prior to use.4 

MQCC® HQHY™ High Quality High Yield Alternative and Complex Products

Speed Up When you See MQCC: High Yield!

Simpler than a public market bond; Private Market Bond.



Regulatory Notice 22-08

FINRA Reminds Members of Their Sales Practice Obligations for Complex Products and Options and Solicits Comment on Effective Practices and Rule Enhancements

Comment Period: May 9, 2022 

Regulatory Notice 22-08 _

Investor Bulletin: Questions to Ask when Hiring an Investment Professional

June 26, 2019

See All FINRA rules:

FINRA Rule-Making Process:

FINRA International:

FINRA The Reality of Investment Risk:

What Is Risk?

When you invest, you make choices about what to do with your financial assets. Risk is any uncertainty with respect to your investments that has the potential to negatively affect your financial welfare.

For example, your investment value might rise or fall because of market conditions (market risk). Corporate decisions, such as whether to expand into a new area of business or merge with another company, can affect the value of your investments (business risk). If you own an international investment, events within that country can affect your investment (political risk and currency risk, to name two).

[MQCC® Conforming Crypto™; Conforming BITCOIN™ is NOT subject to market conditions.]

Worth reading: 

Read the Textbook: TEACHING SEC™ by Anoop Bungay

Teaching SEC™: SCIENTISTS, SECURITIES: Regulator-Policy Maker-Investigator-Lawyer; EXCHANGE, LAW ENFORCEMENT, EDUCATORS: Officers; CHIEF EXECUTIVES: Top Management-CEO of Regulatory & Regulated Bodies

Bungay Test™

For Originating Crypto (Quality Managed, Safe, Reliable, Secure)

The BUNGAY TEST™ for Correct and Proper (conforming) "CRYPTO" for SEC®, FINRA®, IIROC, FCA and other Regulators and Policy Makers


MQCC® Quality Managed, Verifiable, Traceable, Incontestable, Immutable, Non-Repudiable, Standard-based, STATEMENT OF FACT

Remember The Securities Act of 1933

In the United States of America (USA), in matters of government, industry and consumer financial safety; in accordance with The Securities Act of 1933, there are "two basic objectives"';

See this link for proof at USA


The original peer-to-peer electronic cash system (ORIGINAL AUTHENTIC OFFICIAL™ OAO™ trademark brand) created by Anoop Kumar Bungay (with a little help from elder brother Santosh (WIZGOD®)) and commercialized at PRIVATELENDER.ORG: PRIVATE LENDING NETWORK™ at at least as early as April 9, 2005, for commercial, regulatory-integrated, professional liability insured, virtual  (binary digital, electronic) and non-virtual trading of goods and services, including FINANCIAL goods and services, whose nature, quality, character, feature, form, function, characteristics, purpose or extent are correctly and properly described as:

Non-Bank, Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated or Regulatory Exempt, Free Trading Finance; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow Finance

Source:  IP2PFA™ International Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Private Finance Association

using methods and processes described as:

is NOT a PUBLIC Market Concept and is NOT subject to Market Risk (ie: Stocks) because profitability does NOT depend in part on future market forces; which means that PERFORMANCE CAN BE GUARANTEED. See this document for reference published by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission:  Investor Bulletin: Performance Claims Aug. 23, 2016; found here.


If you are are financial regulator and financial regulatee and you are not aware of the above, then you MISUNDERSTAND and DISPOSSESS necessary and sufficient learning, education, training (LET) on the traceable, verifiable, immutable, quality managed, provable, demonstrable, USA military-grade, USA defense-standard, NASA and GSA recognized, congressional standards-recognized, US National Standards-integrated, ORIGINS and nature, quality and character of peer-to-peer finance and related concepts, processes and core methods. Including the underlying scientific domain, namely, non-novel (exact) conformity science and related GENUS and SPECIE of goods services, both generic and non-generic (ie: trademark source identified or proprietary).

BUNGAY TEST™ ( for the ORIGINATING QUALITY™ of ORIGINAL CRYPTO™ (Safe, NonVolatile, Quality Managed, National Standards-Integrated)

The BUNGAY TEST™ is a well known mark and world famous trademark source identifier for a suite of a decisively indicative tests and services for the testing and quality assessment of applications of non-novel (exact) conformity science. One such test is the BUNGAY TEST™ for correct and proper (conforming) crypto. The test is comprised of two parts:



The Standard is the measure required to be indicative; the Audit, known as a conformity audit, is the process by which the Standard is assessed.

BUNGAY TEST™ for Conforming Crypto in the Finance Sector


Here is the test Standard:

Non-Bank, Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated or Regulatory Exempt, Free Trading Finance; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow Finance



And your "crypto" will be recognized as the highest quality available at the highest quality standard in 118+ countries. Visit to learn more or to learn more.

Bungay Test™ Availability:

The Bungay Test™ and related auditing services and training is available at or email for the following groups: