ILHs School Counseling Services

ILHs Counseling Staff

Our school is served by 6 counselors.

 Each is responsible for a portion of the student body, divided alphabetically.

Marisa King: A-Cha

Carol Alexander: Che-Goethe

Tiffany Johnson: Goins-K

Jennifer Ramieri: L-Nixon

Dr. Virginia Coogler, No-Simmons

Cynthia Shepard: Simpson-Z


Cassie Hinson, Department Secretary/Registrar 

Karen Paulson, Data Coordinator 

John Austin, College Advisor 

David Steinman, Mental Health Counselor 

Request Student Records:

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The School Counseling Department is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm by appointment only. 

Phone: 803-286-8470  |  Fax: 803-283-0648