4.2 HGA Possession, Display and Use of HGA Trophies and Awards

HGA Local Rule 4.2 - HGA Possession, Display and Use of HGA Plaques, Trophies and Awards: The HGA places a special trust in it's members when awarding traveling plaques, trophies and awards. Members are held to the highest standard when the HGA rewards a tour member with a plaque, trophy or award. Winners are expected to properly add their name to plaques, trophies and awards at their own expense when appropriate. Members are expected to display their wares proudly and in a public place. Members are expected to return traveling plaques, awards and trophies at the following similar HGA event. Failure to properly display one's name on the traveling award will be assessed up to a $15 fee for each year the name is missing. Members with missing names remain responsible for adding their name until the missing name has been properly added to the plaque, award or trophy. HGA members who lose plaques, awards and trophies will be assessed up to the cost of replacement plus up to a $20 fee and/or required to find an appropriate replacement. The HGA reserves the right to revoke any plaque trophy or award at any time for any reason.