Be The Bookie

Be the Bookie is a match play game where you have two chances to win.

  1. As a Player beat the Over/Under score set for you.
  2. As the Bookie hit the Over or Under as set by consensus for the player designated to you.

Here's how it works:

  • Prior to the round 3somes and 4somes are prearranged.
  • Prior to the round a name is drawn from a hat to be the first Bookie.
  • The Bookie sets the Over/Under Line for the next Player drawn from another hat using the match play scoring system below.
  • Once the Over/Under Line is set, all other players vote YES the player will exceed the Bookie's line or NO the player will not meet the Bookie's line. The final vote is made by the Player drawn from the hat.
  • If there are more NO votes than YES votes the Bookie's owns the Over and the player must score more than the Over/Under Line.
  • If there are more YES votes than NO votes the Bookie's owns the Under and the player must score less than the Over/Under Line.
  • If the vote is a tie, the Bookie's gets to choose the Over or the Under.
  • The process is repeated until all Players have an Over/Under Line.
  • All Players who earn more match play than the Over the Over/Under Line and all Bookies who own the resulting Over or Under share the pot evenly. There are no winners if the a player ties the Over/Under score set for them.

Match Play Scoring System: A Player scores match play points by having the lowest score in your group. 1/2 point is awarded for a push of the lowest score, 1 point for a winning score, 2 points for a win with a birdie and 4 points for a win with an eagle. All push players score 1/2 no matter how many players tie for low and no matter what score is low. (Example: A birdie tie is worth 1/2 point.)

Rules of play

  • Once you cannot score the lowest score or tie you may forfeit the hole and take a gimmie for the next shot. Mark 1 stroke plus your current score on the score card up to the double par rule. This applies anywhere on the course, but you cannot win or tie the hole.
  • Gimmies are allowed from any distance by a player who is in the hole with the lowest score or all other players in the group. As usual you may or may not take a gimmie