2.1 Double Par Rule

HGA Local Rule 2.1:Double Par Rule. No score on any given hole can exceed double par. If you reach or exceed double par, place a double par on the score card. For example on a par 4 the maximum score is 8, on a par 3 the maximum score a 6, and a par 5 the maximum score is a 10. If you reach double par before finishing the hole you can "pick up" and move to the next hole, scoring a double par. THIS SCORE DOES COUNT IN ALL GAMES AND IS USED FOR HANDICAP PURPOSES. Can you win with a double par? YES!

Rationale: HGA Local Rule 2.1:Double Par Rule has been established in the spirit of the HGA Mission and Goals to preserve the dignity of all players and give each partnered team an opportunity to win a hole, even if one player is having a bad hole. The double par rule also keeps the HGA handicap system in check, similar, but far more forgiving than the GHIN system.