2018 Players and Officials

The following members of the HGA Tour are asked to serve in the following GIGG Tournament Official Roles:

  • HGA Founder/GIGG Tournament Director: Duey
  • Calcutta Official/Auctioneer: Brock
  • Official Babe Magnet: Roger Petersen
  • Miller Cup Official Starter: Craig Robins (Please refer to Craig for any moments of recognition to Dave prior to the start of the Miller Cup Selection on Thursday night)
  • Scoring Assistant: Taylor
  • Keeper of the Cards: Dick
  • HGA/GIGG Handicap** Concern Official: Tyler
  • Ceremonial Complaint Official: Richard (This position is purely ceremonial. Please refer to the complaint GIGG Complaint Official for complaints)
  • GIGG Complaint* Official: Welke
  • +GIGG Club Cleaner: Craig Swenson
  • +GIGG Ball Washer: Christian Swenson

** HGA/GIGG Handicap Concern Official: The HGA/GIGG Handicap Concern Official is the only person and entity authorized to accept handicap concerns. The Handicap Concern Official does not set, nor can change Handicaps and is in no way associated, reports to or gives any advice to the HGA Handicap Committee. The HGA/GIGG Handicap Concern Official exists only to pawn off any and all concerns away from the HGA Handicap Committee and it's founder. Handicap Concerns are never to be expressed to anyone except the Handicap Concern Official.

* HGA Complaint Official: Liberal use of the HGA Complaint official by text, phone, email and any other means of constant contact is encouraged. The HGA Complaint Official has absolutely no power to handle complaints. No exceptions. While contacting the complaint official often is encouraged, the offical and complete HGA Complaint Request process is described below:

  1. Pay the $100 cash complaint fee to the HGA founder. NOT THE HGA COMPLAINT OFFICIAL!
  2. The complainer must submit written notice of no less than 10 pages in the official language of the HGA. Any language you choose is not official.
  3. The 10 page complaint must be mailed to the HGA Complaint Official post marked from the original Ben Franklin Post in Philadelphia. Official postmarks can only be received inside the Franklin Post Office. Trust me, I’ve done this. It’s the only way.
  4. Under no circumstances make a verbal or electronic complaint to anyone. Verbal and/or electronic complaints will be ignored and additional fees may be assessed.
  5. The HGA Complaint Official will review the written complaint and determine that it is invalid.
  6. The HGA Complaint Official will require as many rewrites as necessary to eliminate the complaint.
  7. The HGA Complaint Official may also put the complaint request on hold indefinitely.
  8. Once the complaint is official (never), the HGA Complaint Official will drop the complaint and file it appropriately (file 13).
  9. At no time is the complainer allowed to complain to anyone other than the HGA Complaint Official by following the HGA Complaint process. Under no circumstances complain to the HGA Founder or GIGG Tournament Director.

+ GIGG Club Cleaner or Ball Washer are available to you at any time on Saturday or Sunday.