Las Vegas

Introduced by Chris Jebsen, this game can be high stakes when played for dimes or certainly quarters or can be played for points with a purse. This is Las Vegas with a twist.

Las Vegas is a partner game where the low score of the twosome is multiplied by 10 and the high score of the twosome is added to it. For example if your team has a 4 and a 5 your score is 45. If a member of your team gets a birdie then the twosome from the other teams are scored with the high score multiplied by 10 and the low score added to it. In our example above the score would now be 54.

If you receive a birdie all other teams scores are reversed and the same subtraction rule applies as above.

After the 18 hole round, all points are tallied from all 8 players and divided by the purse and distributed to each player based on the number of points they were awarded. Viva Las Vegas!

Variation: Blind Las Vegas. All four teams play each other. The team with the lowest combined score from all 8 players subtracts the combined score of second lowest scoring team and the lowest scoring team is awarded that number of points. All other scores are tossed out.