Beat The Bookie

Beat the Bookie is a match play game where an Over/Under Score is set by the HGA. To win you have to beat the Over/Under Score.

Here's how it works:

  • Prior to the round 3somes and 4somes are prearranged.
  • The HGA developed multiple scenarios using the "What if Score Card" to set an Over/Under Score for each player.
  • A Player scores match play points by having the lowest score in your group. 1/2 point is awarded for a push of the lowest score, 1 point for a winning score, 2 points for a win with a birdie and 4 points for a win with an eagle. All push players score 1/2 no matter how many players tie for low and no matter what score is low. (Example: A birdie tie is worth 1/2 point.)
  • Players who earn more match play points than Over the Over/Under Score set by the HGA share the pot evenly.

Rules of play

  • Once you cannot score the lowest score or tie you may forfeit the hole and take a gimmie for the next shot. Mark 1 stroke plus your current score on the score card up to the double par rule. This applies anywhere on the course, but you cannot win or tie the hole.
  • Gimmies are allowed from any distance by a player who is in the hole with the lowest score or all other players in the group. As usual you may or may not take a gimmie