3.1 Gimme Putt

HGA Local Rule 3.1: The Gimme Putt: A putt of no longer than one normal (see rule: 3.2) putter length where the head of the putter is placed sufficiently in the hole being played to allow the shaft of the putter to lay completely on the ground may be given to a player by an opponent of any game being played.

Rule clarifications:

  1. No putt outside one putter length may be given by anyone.
  2. The longest normal putter in the group may be used to determine if a putt qualifies as a potential gimme
  3. While a gimme putt "may be given" to a player inside one putter length as the rule states, the rule does not state that an opponent is required give any putt. That slippery right to left break at 3 feet may not be a gimme putt.

Rule rationale: To know the HGA founder is to know why this local rule was established by the HGA. The "lazy eyed" founder has monocular vision which means he has only "learned" 3D depth and distance perception. (3D movies. Nothing.) While "learned" depth and distance perception are sufficient for every day life, Rule 3.1 creates a concrete method to determine what qualifies as a potential gimmie putt.