The HGA has never seen such a backlash of hate and discontent when this game was played one evening at Brooks Golf Club. Will this be the year it returns for another try?

Details: Scotch Foursomes are the most popular gambling format in Great Britain, where it's simply called a "Foursome."

To play, pairs alternate shots from tee to green until the ball is in the hole, although one player should drive all the even holes and the other the odd. Use one-half of combined handicaps.

You must put some thought into who drives which holes. Do the holes that require a good carry tend to be odd or even? Put your long hitter on those tees. Do the par-threes fall on the odds or evens? Put your target hitter on them. Also, remember if Scotch is only played for 9 holes one player drives one more hole.

The Scotch Foursome is an excellent game. It really brings a team together, for better or worse. It's also a fast game, as players tend to walk ahead of their partners in a leapfrog fashion. The popularity of this format is one of the main reasons golf is played faster overseas, where a quick pace is de rigueur.

During this game the HGA encourages appropriate encouragement from your partner(s) and heckling from opponents.