Pick/Better Your Position

Ok, so you know you're not going to win today. You're just not feeling up to it. But you know you can beat a couple of these tired old guys and take 3rd place. Or maybe you discover that the HGA Handicap Committee has made an awful mistake and your handicap is so high you can't lose. Well, no matter the situation this game is for you!

At the beginning of your 18 hole round you have the opportunity to pick where you will place in competition with all players. Sometimes you pick your scratch position and sometimes you pick based on your HGA, GIGG Tournament or other Handicap. If you pick your position exactly you earn for that round split with the other "Pick" winners.

So what's Better Your Position? After at least one round of Pick Your Position using the same format (scratch or handicapped), you may have the opportunity to pick yourself to score just one position better than your previous round for double points/cash. The player who took #1 in the last round may also pick themselves to win #1 in the next round for double points as well. Now isn't that an incentive to improve yourself!

The Tie Rule: In case of a tie for a position, it is exactly that, a tie. No extra holes will be played and there is no "card back." The lower place is skipped to the next position. For example, if two people tie for second they are both second. The next person is fourth.

If no one picks there position, typically the purse is carried over to the next "Pick or Better Your Position" round unless otherwise stated.

So don't forget to pick yourself to win, lose or come in somewhere in between and still be a winner!